Yamaha Blues Saraceno Signature Model Reviews 5

I acuired this guitar from my local music store for about 600 brand new. I had been playing a crappy Squire for two years and needed a real guitar.

I really love this guitar the Humbuckers produce an excellent, chunky sound that fits in really well with metal music tha I usually play, The fretboard is of excellent quality and the neck is really easy to slide along. Just put on some Ernie ball super Slinkies and you're all set. I love the body's colouring too, I was suprised but the tartan looks really good on stage.

The only real complaint is that the guitar isn't suitable for anything but metal, I find this problem with all humbucker guitars though.

The general qualityof the guita is good, the only problem I had was, after one particularly violent bit of playing, the neck bent, I had to have it straightened. other than that there were no problems.

This is an excellent guitar and is great for collecters and band members alike.

Maximo rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-06.

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