Yamaha EG112-C Reviews 3

bought it wholesale in a beginner pack for about $200 bones... came with amp, strap, gig bag, standard stuff.

It feels like a more expensive guitar, i guess. And looking at it is good... its like a strat, but the input jack is on the side instead of the front. It has a humbucker and 2 pickup, although its not the best player, it has a $400 guitar sound (save the buzzing). It feels like you could drop a ton of bricks on it, but believe me, you probably shouldn't. Also remember, you'll have a lot of fun with the whammy bar and the good sustain that the 'buckers give out, and it bends notes well.

Its really tough to play for a beginner guitar... the strings are hard, and the fretboard is slow and almost physically painful to play. Don't worry though, the callices will take care of that. It buzzes quite a bit. I live in san diego and i keep it on a carvin standing holder when i'm not playing it, and oddly, the metal on the pickups started to form rust... i haven't noticed a big difference in the sound. The thing goes out of tune at least once or twice a week, which is quite annoying... but it keeps tune when you use the whammy.

pretty solid seeming, still looks new, but the paint does chip a bit... and there's the rust i mentioned on the pickups... keep in mind i live in san diego, not really a humid place. The paint chipping really got me pissed off... but otherwise quality is good.

a DECENT guitar to start out with... but a squire strat would be better, based mostly on the quality of the neck and playability.

sd boy rated this unit 3 on 2004-02-14.

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