Yamaha EG112C Reviews 4

I have had my guitar for almost three years.i absolutly love it. Me and my buds have a band.I like rock and country.

I got it as a a gift and they paid $200

It sounds really good.The body doesnt scratch easy and and i love the way it looks

the amo that comes w/ it is small and the tremlo bar broke off in the bridge.

rosewood fretboard.stratacastor style.black

its a awsome guitar and anyone who plays it loves it.

alex rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-11.

i bought this guitar at cosco for like $200 bucks or somthing

o got this guitar like a year ago and i still like it. the neck is rellay fast and its easy to play.

the amp it comes with is really crappy the guitar goes out of tune all the time but all that stuff is fixable just buy new tuners for like $60 bucks and a good amp for like $200

the quality is pretty godd ive dropped it alot and it still works fine

this guitar is pretty nice but for the price of it just bye like an esp

im not a poser rated this unit 3 on 2004-06-28.

I recieved this guitar kit from my best friend who did not play that much. a kit identical to it cost $200.00 at costco a short while back. it came with a amp, some picks, a strap, and some extra strings.

It's so playable. It also sounds good. It is easyer to play than a Gibson Marauder and is tough. And one thing i just love about this guitar is IT HAS A HUMBUCKER!!!! It is not the greatest guitar but it beats nothing by a long shot. sound i give it a 4 playability i give it a 5 construction i give it a 5. It sounds awesome in my vbm/1 brian may special vox amp that i got just the other day

It only has two knobs 1 volume 1 tone

Body basswood. fingerboard rosewood. Strat style guitar. 2 single coil pickups and a rageing humbucker that roars bit it's still not a fat strat. It also has a standerd tremlo bridge.

A great guitar for starters and maybe a toy for an inermediate. it plays fast too so really anybody could use this guitar

Viper319 rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-18.

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