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Hello, I bought a 2nd hand Yamaha hollowbody electric guitar. I was told that it was made between the years 1972-1975. The guitar has the serial number 24545. It is in a very good condition, everything works fine, including the tremolo. There are no scratches on the guitar and the hardware shines as brandnew. I paid US$ 900 for it. You can see some foto's of the guitar on www.dutchcom.net/yamaha_guitar/index.htm Can you tell me what this model is called, when it was made, what the price was when it was new and what the value is now. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Armin Moller

Perfect looks and perfect sound. This guitar plays so smooth and easy, it's a real pleasure. The sound is great, you can play anything from jazz to heavy metal.

The only thing I don't like is that I don't know what model it is and when it was made.

Just perfect.

Armin Moller rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-17.

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