Yamaha SE700HE Reviews 5

I found this guitar at an auction. It was in a cheap hard case with no strings on it and a missing tremolo. But the guitar was MINT. Looked like it was not played. I paid $55 for it.

This has to be one of the most forgotten, under rated 20 year old guitars ever built. It has the lowest, cleanest, smoothest action that you could possibly want. It easily beats many $1000 guitars. It is made in Japan, not Korea or China etc.. The quality and overall finish are beautiful. The sound quality is simply a 10. This guitar makes a new $300-$400 electric guitar look and sound like junk.

This unit has the Floyd Rose locking tremolo system installed from the factory. It is the Yamaha version and hard to find the parts and pieces. NOTE-you only need the pieces if you use the tremolo.

This guitar is built the old fashion way: it is a tank and built to last. Mine is 20 years old and has a dead straight neck, smooth electronics, like new tuners. Some of the hardware is black and does show its age having light overall corosion. The paint is beautiful metallic rust that shows only the slightest wear. I would say the quality of this guitar is similar to a $500 Epiphone Les Paul, NICE.

This SE line of Yamaha guitars had several models from the se150 up to the se1000. If you can find a se700HE or se1000 that is not damaged, you need to buy it. I play mine through a Roland Jazz Chorus amp. The sound is to die for. This is a guitar that you will be able to find for $150. I guarantee that if yoy find one you will keep it in your collection forever. These guitars are destined to be very collectible.

Paul rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-08.

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