Zager DM-1B Sigma Martin Reviews 5

I bought it off the Zager website after reviewing this guitar for awhile. I wanted another Sigma, but a black one. This was the guitar I was looking for. I paid $345.00 plus $45 for shipping.

I own several other Sigmas and I like the design and the black finish of this Sigma. The string height/alignment, the playability of the fretboard is wonderful making the guitar easy to play, not working your hands/fingers into fatigue. The tone/sound is great and I will probably use this guitar alot in recording.

I do not have any complaints.

The guitar is first inspected by Zager to make sure no defects are present and I do not see any in mine. This is a quality guitar at an affordable price.

Everyone who sees and plays this Sigma DM-1B likes it. My guitarist son is really taken by the way it plays and feels, and he owns a major brand box guitar that cost him nearly $800---but he likes this Sigma better than his box. Zager provided a quality instrument and service and are quick to answer any email concerning their products/service. I am well pleased!

George rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-28.

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