Zager EZ Play Martin DR-41 Reviews 4

I found their products on ebay. From ebay I made my way to theit website, which is quite extensive, and reviewed their guitars. I chose my model and then ordered it on ebay. I chose their guitars because (1) the EZ Play modifications, and (2) its a Martin. I paid $595 + shipping.

The tone is excellent, and the EZ Play modifications really do make it easy to play. A very fine instrument for the money.

At this point, there is really nothing about this guitar that I dislike.

The top is solid spruce,natural gloss finish,Rosewood back and sides, Rosewood fret board and bridge, scalloped x-bracing,hand carved custom nut and saddle,hand filed frets,Grover gold tunners, full abalone/pearloid inlay. The quality- well its a Martin.

I am very pleased with the guitar. You can pay more and not get anywhere near as much in other instruments. Mr. Zager also gives his guitars lifetime warranties.

Bill Sylvia rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-28.

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