Zager EZPlay ZAD 20 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar directly from Zager. Price was $295

The ZAD 20 is one of the older Zager models. I have owned this guitar for nearly a year and feel like a pretty good judge of the Zager product. When I received this guitar I was totally taken back by the beauty of it. It was so much nicer than the internet pictures, and was everything the Zagers said it would be. The ease of playing is beyond compare. You really just have to try it to feel the difference. I have friends and family who have paid 4 figures for guitars that I couldn't play for fifteen minutes without pain. The setup of a guitar is everything, and this one was perfect. Zager must work each guitar with the caring craftmanship that it would be his own. He even signs his name on the back. When was the last time you bought something that someone was willing to sign their name on and offer you a 100 % money back warranty. I have been through several sets of strings and play this guitar everyday and many, many hours on the weekends. It is still the great playing guitar that I purchased nearly a year ago. If you want a big name guitar, its your money. If you want to play and enjoy what you own, talk to the Zagers. I'm looking forward to buying my next Zager in the near future.

I only have one! Wish I had more!

Flawless, you won't find any bobos on a Zager guitar

By far the best money I have ever spent.

Roy Seagroves rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-30.

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