Zager Modified (Washburn) D10SCE Reviews 5 I bought the guitar from Denny Zagar because it claimed to play easier, and had a 100% money back quarantee. I paid $495.00 plus shipping. I knew Washburn was a quality instrument, and I liked to low action set up of a Zagar modified guitar

It's very easy to play, easy on the hands, and it has a bright beautiful sound in any key, capoed or not. Sounds great plugged in, or acoustically. The string width is really nice, and the extra light strings give a surprising reponse, while being easier on my hands, compared to my mediums I was using.

so far, nothing

Solid Wood, Spruce and Mahogony, Rosewood Neck, well built, great look, and overall, it well deserves it's rating by Acoustic Guitar Magazine for best Guitar under $500.00

I have played Gibsons, Ibanez, Martins,

Darrell Collins rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-27.

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