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I guess you could say I'm new a guitar playing. I used to play 27 years ago but fell away from it so I'm learning all over again. I play for my own personal pleasure. I prefer pop, western or easy listening music. I own a Takamine and a Zager guitar.

I found Zager Guitars on the internet some time ago. I had purchased a Takamine G240 3 years ago but always had trouble with close chords and sore fingers. I did some modification to it to make it easier to fret but still had trouble. I thought about the Zager for some time b4 I got serious about ordering one. I read dozens of reviews and was really excited about trying one. I originally orders a Martin Sigma DM-1 (due to finances) but wanted a ZAD 50. After a few emails and a couple of conversations with Denny Jr. he offered me a blemished ZAD 50 for the same price as the DM-1. I jumped on that offer and haven't looked back. I ordered it on a Wed afternoon and had it Friday morning. Now if there is a blemish on this guitar I sure can't find it. I am more than pleased.

The guitar was just beautiful. Quality workmanship throughout. Denny Zager is a first rate luthier. His Easy Play String Science should be adopted by all guitar manufactures. It is unbelieveable. It comes with hand filed frets, hand made nut and saddle, abalone inlays, grover tuners. I have only compared it thus far to my Takamine and 2 30 year old Ovation Legends and it sounds better than both. I only paid $345 for my Zager and I would stack it up against any guitar costing 3-4 times as much for tone quality, ease of playing and workmanship. Get a Zager you won't be sorry!


Quality throught Finish A+ Craftsmanship A+ Hand filed Frets Custom hand carved nut and saddle Abalone Inlays Grover Tuners Solid Spruce top Mahogany back and sides Rosewood bridge and fret board Thin neck Tone A+ Ease of Playing A+ Top all that off with a 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Can anyone else beat that?


Terry B rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-30.

This is the new Zager ZAD 50 one of the new acoustics in the Zager line up.I purchased this for $345 from I am a returning customer and have found the Zager guitars are about the best acoustic on the market value wise.Plus there customer service is the best I have come across even better than hands on local dealers.My ZAD 50 is a solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides with a rosewood fretboard and Martin Marquis light strings(.12-.54)

The new ZAD 50 from Zager is the best acoustic under $1200 I have played and I have gone through many including Martin and Alvarez also Garrison,Washburn and Epiphone.If you have not played and tried the Zager string science guitars you are really missing something.What I like about this acoustic is the very low string height. At the first fret the strings look like they rest on the frets but no buzz.All the way down the neck the string height is low which makes freting chords so easy you can't miss any type of chord.You use such light finger pressure you can play for hours with no fatiuge or finger soreness.The frets are hand filed which is part of the String science of Denny Zager,the nut is modified to also lower string height and widen the stance but you have no slip off on the neck just a little more room for your fingers.The saddle is also modified to aid in the low string height all making for a perfect action.Yet the volume is not affected and the ZAD 50 has an amazing sound this is a finger style players dream but you can also use a pick.

There is nothing I dislike about the ZAD 50.

Top quality since Denny Zager modifies every acoustic by hand any guitars with a flaw are rejected.Perfect fit and finish like a $1200 acoustic but the price is $345 it is a outstanding value.

Bottom line the ZAD 50 I own is set up with Martin Marquis light gauge strings .12-.54 and is the easiest playing acoustic guitar I have played,the best sound of any acoustic I have owned and the best price.You can not go wrong Denny Zager backs every guitar up with a 100% no questions asked return policy.They will help you with any question you have or any problem.All e-mails are answered with in 30minutes.The Zager String Science is something you need to try if you are serious about playing the guitar.If you do not like your acoustic they will refund the entire purchase price that is hard to beat.

cibbie rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-17.

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