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Bought on E BAY from price $645.I was looking for an acoustic electric guitar and after searching Zager web site and reviews and E Bay feedback decided on this model

Sound is clear electric componets are made by Fisman.Neck is easy to move about.

Until I picked up a recent copy of Acoustic guitar magazine by Guitar World and saw A reveiw of the Samick Contenantial D I thought I got a good buy.But there was the Samick made by Samick Guitar of Indochina did I discover I had the same thing but the price on the Samick was $399.As the article said Samick has been making guitars for 50 years and is based in IndoChina and makes guitars for Epiphone and Washburn plus many others.Only differance is the headstock which looks like Martin headstock the guitars are the same.Then I figured out I know Zager does not make there guitars they only modify them.Again after reading the review I found ther is not anything Zager does to these except change strings and sign the back.Only Mr.Zager in the adds it says works on his guitars I can see him with 200 gutars stacked up filing frets and carving the nut and saddle day after day after day did I relalize they come this way at least the specs are the same in the Review I read.Oh well $245 dollars for a hand signed guitar live and learn.

The Samick er I mean Zager is well made with a medium low action with light gauge strings.

Shop around and read more before you jump and buy.I would have saved $245 if I would have and don't believe every add you read or testamonials from people who have owned there guitars a whole 15minutes and love them.Above all if the seller does not make them look and see and compare and find out who does you might save a pile of money.

Pete rated this unit 3 on 2004-12-09.

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