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I purchased my ZAD-50 on the Internet after visiting local retail guitar shops. I was looking to spend $500.00 or less on a guitar and a hard case. I shopped on-line to get a better price for the guitar brand I was looking for, and I came accross Zager guitars. The EZ-Play science intrigued me. There are so many people who have wanted to play a guitar but fall into the common trap of purchasing a cheap beginners guitar that is extremely difficult to play, even for seasoned guitar players. I paid $345.00 for the ZAD-50.

I love how the guitar looks as well as how it plays. The ZAD-50 has a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck, and a rosewood fret board and bridge -with a natural gloss finish. The ZAD-50 has great action and an incredible sound. The 6th string has a rich full bodied sound, and the 1st string produces sharp, crisp treble notes.

I was very pleased with the craftsmanship of the ZAD-50. The fact that each Zager guitar is customized by Denny Zager Sr. was plainly evident in the quality of the guitar I received.

If you are in the market for a guitar that looks and plays like it costs 5 to 10 times more, you should consider the ZAD-50. You won't be disappointed!

Mike Domino rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-29.

I purchased this guitar from, mainly because of the awesome deal and what I thought to be an authentic product. It was purchased for only $345.00.

I am very pleased the quality custom craftsmanship and detail. The EZ-play modifications made on this guitar have made my learning much easier and more fun, especially since I can play longer than I ever could before.


Absolutely great. No details left out.

I have recommended to my friends the Zager guitars. Great people to work with.

Jodie rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-29.

I had been looking for and researching acoustic guitars both on the internet and by visiting music stores. I found the and became very intrigued. The guitars I had attempted to play in the past, always hurt my fingers so therefore I never kept up with it. I wasn't too afraid about ordering a Zager guitar on the internet, because of the 100% money back guarantee. Also, Zager refunds your shipping charges both ways if you don't like it. How could I go wrong? This is a quality product and the company backs it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have played every day since receiving my Zager (yes, every day!) I have always been able to get quick responses to all my questions. I paid $345.00 and it was purchased directly from

So far, everything. It has really boosted my interest in playing. I can't wait until I feel comfortable playing in front of people, because I will be purchasing either the ZAD-50ce or ZAD-80ce.

I can't think of anything, but I would like to have a built in tuner on mine. Just like the one on the ZAD-50ce.

I feel this guitar is built with the intricant care and precision compared to the more expensive guitars. It even plays as well as the more expensive brands.

The bottom line is: if you are looking for a beautiful quality guitar, no need to look any farther than Zager. If you are a beginner, the EZ modification really does help and you can plan longer. Don't hesitate to buy it because it doesn't have one of the big names on it. I had previously written a review, but didn't read closely about the minimum word requirements. I don't think i had a problem this time.

Jodie rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-29.

ZAD-50 and case. I am a return customer (3 times) so Denny offered me a discount without my having to request it. Total price was $390.

My ZAD-50 and Zager case were shipped promptly. They arrived in perfect condition and it was like a visit from Santa. I've purchased 3 Zager guitars now and gotten spoiled by the usual superb service and responsiveness. The ZAD-50 is wonderful. The sound, playability and looks are excellent at any price and amazing at the price they are charging. I'll continue recommending these products without hesitation. Also, extras are shipped with the package including a t-shirt, picks and strings. I'm very glad that I found Zager, and after my first purchase, I knew I didn't have to look anywhere else for quality guitar products.

I have absolutely *no* complaints about this guitar/case package.

Beautifully detailed, polished, adjusted and tuned. The sound is excellent, the playability keeps me playing this instrument for hours at a time. Whenever I pick it up, it's in tune and ready to go.

I've purchased 3 guitars and a case from the Zagers. I plan on buying more because my family wants them as much as I do. Denny is honest and easy to deal with, never a hassle.

Tom Leavy rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-27.

I bought the guitar online, on sale for $345.

I love this guitar. I have been playing for thirty years, mostly acoustic, and have owned a lot of guitars. The all time favorite has always been my forty-year-old Guild D-35, so that is my standard for comparison. I bought the Zager as a spare to keep around my office. This relatively inexpensive Zager is beautifully finished, really a pretty guitar. I especially like the pearl inlay around the sound hole and the strip of inlay in the back. The finish is flawless and looks to have been hand-buffed. It has Grover tuners, a slim, fast neck, and incredibly good tone. It is very sweet and balanced and has good volume. The setup is perfect for me and the Zager plays so easy I am truly impressed. All this for under $400 including shipping! I have played guitars costing double or triple this amount that I didn't like half as much. I am afraid my old Guild is in danger of becoming my spare guitar.

I can't think of anything.

Seems to be a very well-made guitar. Fit and finish are fabulous. I have picked up some new Martins that don't look as good.

In my humble opinion, Denny Zager does exactly what he claims to do. He delivers a beautiful, well made guitar at a very attractive price. The sound and setup are amazingly good. Service is friendly, courteous and helpful (which seems to be rare these days). I am very satisfied with my guitar and would not hesitate to buy another one.

Martin rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-27.

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