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I purchased the ZAD80CE for $645 on

Besides everything??! Just kidding. The Zager ZAD80CE is everything a fingerstylist could want in a guitar. Sporting an all wood guitar with a solid cedar top and rose wood.....everything else. Definitely a nice combination. It also contains full abalone inlay around the face which is just gorgeous, and the same as a rosette. The cutaway is good for my style, and the fishman pickups are awesome. It also has hand scalloped X-bracing. Gold Grover gears, one of the best in the world. And most of all, the action is untouchable on any other guitars. Denny Hand-files each fret by hand and carves the nut and saddle with his patented string-science to achieve the lowest possible action with no buzz or loss of tone. The tone is outstanding as is the easy play neck style. The neck is wider with wider string spacing but with a slimmer profile making it easier for all hands, big and small. This makes playability way easier and effortless than $2000 guitars, that I may not be able to say. Unlike my $1800 Taylor, I can play this guitar hours on end with no finger soreness, and enjoy that same beautiful tone. The sound is, in a sense, more like a graceful eagle than a raging hawk. It is a taste in sound, which is benifited by watching dennys videos of each guitar. If you are an aggressive strummer, you may want the ZAD50ce, but for the extra $100, The 80 is unbelievable. The quality is outstanding, as everything is perfect and never needs tuning. It's made in the same place as the Zager modified Martins, so it is assured to have impeccable standards and such. Denny also hand signs each guitar as an assurance of a quality product. Oh, and did I mention Lifetime Warranty??

ummmmmmm..... I don't like that they aren't sold in stores, but with how everyone jacks up prices these days, you know you are getting the best for the lowest price. I wish it came with a second strap peg, but I guess thats reasonable. I just dont see how anyone can belittle these guitars without even trying them

This piece was constructed perfectly. The grain is straight and even if you look inside the guitar, you can see any careless glue as on other guitars, even one of my $900 Martins. It looks great, and even smells good !!

I would pay 3 times as much for a guitar of this quality and incredibility. For any acoustic guitar, this is the best deal out there. The local guitar guy thought I payed 2k for this!! Boy was he in for a surprise.

chuii rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-28.

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