Zildjian 13 Inch ZBT Hi Hat Cymbals Reviews 2

I bought an Argent Drum Set right after Christmas. I wanted to upgrade the Hi Hat Cymbals, so I bought a set of Zildjian 13 Inch ZBT Hi Hats, off of EBay, for around $50.00

Strictly speaking, all I like about these Hi Hats are the price. They look good, but that's where it ends.

When struck, they do not ave a very good "chick" sound, it is more like a "shriek". They sound very tinny and nasally. I've tried playing them, in various ways, and can only get the sound, I am looking for, for about five minutes, then, it's back to the "nasal shriek"

They are a nice looking set of Hi Hats. They are well made, unfortunately, they really don't sound very good.

I am back on EBay, looking for another Hi Hat Set. I feel this has been an educational experience - Stay Away From The ZBTs! I am back using the Argent Hi Hats, and sadly, they sound a lot better than the ZBTs. They have a very trashy sound with a really decent chick. They sound very similar to Wuhans.

Drummer262 rated this unit 2 on 2003-04-04.

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