Zildjian 16" Thin Crash Cymbal Reviews 5

I bought this cymbal at Just Drums in Toronto. It was only $145 plus tax which is an excellent deal for Canada. In the USA the price is about the same depending on where you buy it.

This cymbal has a really nice high "crash" sound to it and is good for a wide range of music styles. It also gives out a lot of volume without having to hit it very hard, and the decay is fast so it doesn't ring like thicker cymbals.

There is nothing bad about this cymbal, except it has a really high, bright sound to it which doesn't matter as long as you have another darker and deeper sounding crash.

It is constructed very well. I play really hard on it and have not dented or cracked it, and it looks really nice as well. (I have brill finish)

Overall, this cymbal kicks ass and is definitely worth the 150 bucks for any style of music.

Eric rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-29.

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