Zildjian 21" Mega Bell Ride Cymbal Reviews 5

I ordered this cymbal thru local music store. I owned one in the early nineties and wanted to get another one. I paid $175

The bell sound is awesome, just as I remembered it. this is a heavy cymbal that you can really beat on.

The way Zildjian makes these cymbals now, is by a computerized hammering. It's not lathed. The result is what looks like deep scratches on the bell, their not scratches just formations from the hammering effect. Other then it being a cosmetic issue it doesnt affect the sound of the cymbals.

Its made real heavy, overall quality is real beefy.

I wont use a different ride cymbal ever again. Unless Zildjian tops this version.

billnipp rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-11.

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