Zildjian A Custom 13" Projection Hi Hats Reviews 5

I purchased the A Custom Projection Hi-hat cymbals at Mars Music in Richmond, Virginia. I was looking for a crisp pair of hats to replace my aging and less than adequate Sabian B8 Pro 14" Hi-hats. I found the 13 A Custom Projection hats and paid $200.00 for them.

I love everything about these 13" beauties. The bell of the top hat makes for interasting clave` sounds, as well as using it as a Zil-Bel in the open position. Closed, these hats have crystal clear stick definition and a wonderful high pitched tone. Open they produce a brash and edgy wash sound, which works rather well for them. The closing "chick" sound is also well defined.

The only thing I could possibly say against the 13" A Custom Projection hats is that they may be too high pitched for some people's taste.

Like all cymbals in Zildjian's A Custom series, the Projection hats are Brilliantly finished, making them very beautiful to look at, as well as play. The hats like the crashes and rides, have a modern and shimmering sound with controlled overtones, and glassy sounds due to their thin size. The Projection hats are made to cut better, hense the "Projection" title. Outstanding quality.

While you may have to pay a bit more for Zildjian's top of the line cymbals, it is well worth your money. Zildjian makes the best, and the 13" Projection hats are just another example of that. Christopher M. McKinney Drummer/Percussionist for the P.E.A.R.L. Project http://pearlproject.virtualave.net/

Christopher M. McKinney rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-29.

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