Zildjian A Custom 17in Crash Reviews 5

Paid around 160 for this crash at a local music store.

In my mind, these are the best sounding crashes you can get. Absolute perfect attack, with great decay and overtones. They are much thinner than regular cymbals, so naturally they are much lower and pitch when comparing them to other cymbals of the same size.

The only thing wrong with the A customs is that they are rather thin. This is what gives them such a great sound, but also makes them prone to breaking, not to mention a lack in volume when compared to other cymbals. So if you play loud music and need something loud and piercing, i suggest going with a thicker higher pitched cymbal.

Great Construction with a quality finish, they will last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

The bottom line, A custom crashes are the best sounding, most musical crashes i have ever played. Their only downfall is that they may lack the volume for some situations, especially live. If your playing heavy music, your probly in the wrong place and need a set of regular a's, or z customs. But for moderate stage volume or recording, these are your best choice.

That Guy rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-22.

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