Zildjian K Crash Cymbal Set Reviews 5

I bought these beauties (set includes 15" thin crash, 16" thin crash, 17" thin crash) on-line for around + or - $500.00 total. I was always interersted in the complex and warm tonality of the k lines, but never got the chance to play them. The reviews and comments I often observed were always positive ( of the original k's ) The main reason I bought these were because I like the feel of thin cymbals but did not like the splashy and bright sound usually associated with them. I really liked the sound of my A Customs but wanted something with a richer and broader tonal range, and not so bright.

I have found that the new K line both sounds and looks good. The tone is rich and on the drier side, and not as warm and dark as the old k's, therfore giving them better cutting power than the old k's. These cymbals really have the perfect combination of bright and dark tones. And really projects well. I found that you can pull many different tones out of them by the way you strike it. Thus making it very versatile in any musical application. Also the combination of the thin weight and the hammering process creates a very low pich in relation to the size of the cymbal.


The overall quality is excellent which is normally standard for all zildjian products. The brilliant finish is very nice but is not nearly as shiny as the A Customs or Z customs. The lathing lines are very small therefore giving the cymbal a very smooth and sleek look. The k stamp is truly the trademark of one of the most legendary cymbal lines, and really gives you a psycological sense of pride when you are playing them.

The new k crashes are the most versatile cymbals I've ever heard. They are just perfect for drummers who play all different styles of music in one gig. I can best discribe these as the perfect "all around" cymbals and recommend them to anyone who is looking for that rich and sophisticated sound.

ck aloha rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-05.

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