Zildjian K Hi-hats 15 inch Reviews 5

I bought these cymabls over Musiciansfriend.com after trying them out a music store (musiciansfriend wascheaper). I paid $319 for them.

These Hi-hatsare fantastic. I got the bigger 15" size because I wanted them to sound dark, and I thought they gave me the sound I wanted better than 14"-ers. I play heavy rock, jazz, and I'm also in a punk band. The hi-hats give me a more delicate and warm sound in the rock (think late Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins). They are also very good for jazz. In the punk band, they are ok, but their sound is a little to long.

There is really nothing not to like. I think they look fine, but if you are looking for a flashy or showy look, these aren't. But they sound great. The price isalso very high, but I feel worth it.

Construction is superb. I have been playing them hard for a while with no cracking or anything. Cracking is hit-or-miss with cast cymabals, but they come with a 1 year replacement guarentee, so you're covered in case.

Great cymbals for expressive drummers at a very high price.

mhzzz rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-05.

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