Zildjian Z Custom Series 20 inch Ride Cymbal Reviews 1

I purchased the cymbal at a guitar center in monroeville, PA for 160 dollars. The retail price is 320 dollars. I bought the cymbal because i needed on that would last the rest of my life like most other zildjian cymbals will if taken proper care of, and its a great rock cymbal!

Its a great ride cymbal and gives your set a loud, ripping sound when struck evverytime. great ping from the bell that is very loud and can add effects to whatever you may be playing. ALso if you keep the cymbal in good condition youll have a great ride the rest of you life.

Like most other zildjian cymbals, the cymbal gets stick marks very easily, and the logos fade to easily also. No other problems sound wise with it.

Very durable and can really take hard sessions on it. I've only had it about 5 months and its definitely the best i own. Built strong to last a lifetime if taken proper care of.

I think this would be a great buy for any set player who likes the loud ripping sound of true rock, A definite buy for the the rock drummer. Id suggest Zildjian professional cymbal cleaning cream to keep it in shape for many years of playing. Plus for 160 dollars... how much better can you do on a zildjian ride with such incredible sound!

Dan Overdorff rated this unit 1 on 2002-07-19.

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