Zildjian ZBT 4 Piece Cymbal Set Reviews 3

I bought this pack at muciansfriend.com for $200 plus s/h. I got this set because I was still playing stock cymbals and they sucked really bad. This set includes: 14" hi hat pair, 16" crash, 20" ride, plus a free 18" china cymbal, cymbal bag, stickers, and a zildjian magazine.

You get alot of free crap that are kinda cool. The cymbals are thick but not too heavy and can take a pretty good beating. The finish is also really nice.

The hats sometimes have a ring after sound when I hit them, but they still have a good "chick" sound which a good pair of hats need. The ride is a little too washy and sounds pretty bad when played with thick nylon tips (like the Zildjian Temptesta's). The crash is good but sounds a little too trashy sounding for my taste. ZBTs also have HORRIBLE bells.

Unlike other cymbals, the ZBTs are made of bronze. this gives them a a pretty good and orignal sound. They have a nice finish too.

Try these cymbalS out before buying them. Most people would probaly like the Sabian B8's better. Even though i like Zildjian alot better than Sabian, i'd probaly buy the B8's if i could do it over again.

pls138 rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-27.

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