Zildjian ZBT 4-Pack Cymbals Reviews 5

I bought the Pulse 5-piece Kit and I NEEDED better cymbals because those crappy Pulse "European" Cymbals just sucked. I went to my local music store and bought this ZBT cymbal set for $200(he had them for $280, but he matched the price in musicians friend) It came with 14" Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride, padded cymbal bag, Tim Alexander Signature Sticks, A cheesy sticker sheet with stickers of "The Crash Guy", a clear Zildjian sticker and Z-Time which is a zine of all of Zildjian's cymbals,sticks and accessories.

I love the quality of these cymbals. They definitly beat those cheap cymbals that come with a beginner drum kit. I'm happy with all the cymbals and especially all the free stuff it came with in he box. The cymbals are perfect for any type of music and project really good(very loud and bright) The finish on these ZBTs are awesome too, its like looking in a gold mirror haha.

I like pretty much everything..the ride is my least favorite out of the set..it should sound a little bit better for being a Zildjian ride. I don't like how the cymbals mark up a little after your done playing..the finish looks like its peeling a little off of the hats, but it doesn't affect the sound.

Great quality except for the finish marking up a little. They're good cymbals for your money..These will last.I can tell already.

Great cymbals that you'll love and you can afford...buy them, they're great.

Brian Houssock rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-22.

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