Zildjian ZBT Plus Cymbals Reviews 4

I purchased these cymbals at my local Guitar Center for about $270 in a pack.

A very good beginner/intermediate cymbal setup. The 16" crash is impecable, very brilliant and sounds professional. The Hihat is certainly of equal quality, it has the "chick" that we all look for in a good hihat. It projects very well.

The ride cymbal has very good stick definition but has way too much wash to deserve any great applause. It has a warm tone, but sound awful with wooden tip sticks, or sticks with big nylon tips.

All of the cymbals are very durable to all forms of weather condistions, climate changes, etc. I've been playing them hard for about a year now and they still sound just like how I bought them. The Zildjian label starts to chip off after a while, but that doesn't effect the sound, so who cares?

A great cymbal set all in all, I would have paid more for it and I would have still been satisfied, easily worth more than what I bought it for. These cymbals will more than likely be on my set in years to come, however the ride may not, but it would make one good effects cymbal.

Greg Speck rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-28.

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