Zildjian ZBT cymbals Reviews 3

I was looking for a first cymbal setup so I went to my local shop. First I got the pack with the 13" hats and 18" crash/ride for around $200, then I picked up the 16" crash.I was royally screwed. The normal price is $57, but I ended up paying $90!

The crash is superb. It has surprising depth and professional sound for a beginner cymbal. I may just keep it on my setup even as I upgrade.

The crash/ride is terrible. The hats are just passable. I know these are beginner cymbals so you're not expecting huge quality, but the crash/ride is too washy to be a ride, too deep and sustaining to be a crash. A ride will be the first pro cymbal I get to upgrade my setup to get this out. The hats are trashy and sloppy, but they keep a beat with a good chick, and that's all you need.

These are made of sheet bronze with hammered dents all around. They're not flimsy or cheap-lookin, which is outstanding for a starter set.

The crash is great. The hats will get you there but the crash/ride is a no-no. THese make a great first set, as long as you opt for the ZBT ride.

J.R. Weber rated this unit 3 on 2002-03-20.

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