Zildjian ZXT Cymbals Reviews 4

I bought my zxt's from the birmingham drum centre i had originally got some cannon cymbals that i got with my starter set that couldnt even ring for 2 seconds. I paid 240 for the zxt pro set advised by the friendly staff in there.

The first thing that hit me when i got home was the weight of them,for sheet broze they seemed just less/the same weight as cast bronze. The ride cymbal is ideal for every type of drumming posible,the crash is a good jazz cymbal tilted foward but if needed to be played 'rockyer' it needs to be played flat for full ringing. The hi-hat does the job on all needs of a drummer.

Nothing really its a great stater too prefesional cymbals. (it rings a bit too much) if you want say specialist cymbals eg:jazz cymbals maybe cast bronze wod b a good option k customs!!!

It has a great sound and great finish!!

great start to prefessional cymbals as said before you would think its cast bronze!! good alround!!

bonham rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-08.

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