Zildjian 13" A Custom Mastersound Hats Reviews 5

I bought these hats in McCormicks Music (Glasgow, Scotland). I was looking to replace my existing Sabain hats, so it was either A Custom or Z Custom hats, and they had to be 13" (i guess they are the in thing just now). So I went in and set up the 13" mastersounds and 13" Z customs. And the Mastersounds blew the Z's away, much more elegant, clearer and brighter, so I had to take them.

These hats are amazing, veryvery bright and cut through guitars with ease. They are very loud even when closed, and have a very definite *Chik* sound. When they are loose, they are very smooth, they produce a very pleasant sound. When choked, or played with the ride, they sound great! very clear and loud, if played correctly, and can be heard over most other cymbals.

Im trying to think of something i dont like about these, but there isn't really anything i dont like. I wouldnt of bought them if i didnt like something about them. Well, just the thing with all the Zildjian cymbals i have, is that they mark easily with finger prints and the prints turn green and dont come off very easily. Thats all though.

Great quality, apparently these hats aren't made for rock/punk, they are more for Jazz or Funk, but I disagree, they take the beating of rock music very well, ive had these for about 3/4 months and there isnt a dent or crank anywhere.

Great cymbals! I love them greatly. I recommend these to anyone who plays anything from jazz to rock, but maybe not metal, im not sure if they would produce a dark enough tone for metal, and might not stand the beating. Other than that, great!

Sandro rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-03.

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