Zildjian John Otto Drumsticks Reviews 5

I broke my pair of Vic Firth drumsticks (Steve Gadd sig.) and I needed a new pair of sticks. I wanted Vater sticks, but then I came accross these sticks, the Zildjian John Otto signature sticks. They only cost me $12 and believe, they were worth it.

Very, very lightweight. THey make playing drums really fast easy. I was so suprised by the stick's weight that I couldn't put them down!

THe sticks are so smooth that if you have dry hands, they can slip out of your grip easily. I would apply (black) duct tape to them if you have dry hands.

Length = 16" Diameter = .560" Wood tip, black with silver Zildjian logo and John Otto's signature in silver. Very strong and powerful for a stick this light.

With a diameter larger than Steve Gadd sticks (which are heavier than these), these sticks blow your mind away!!! I reccomend these for the fast rock players.

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-11.

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