Zildjian John Tempesta Drumsticks Reviews 3

I bought these sticks for about $9.00 at my local music store. This pair of sticks is 16-3/4" long, .655" in diameter, and have a nylon tip.

These sticks have the new DIP grip thing on them like the other new Zildjian models. This kind of grip tape system make the sticks easier to hold and process (my sticks used to fling out of my hands when I played sometimes). They also are at a very reasonable price for being a signture series drumsticks.

These sticks are 3/4 inch longer than the stick and heavier too (I had Regal Tip 5A's). The stick was so long that it would sometime catch on to my clothes and ruin my snare roll. Also, the thick nylon tip make my Zildjian ZBT ride sound washy when I ride on it. It didn't have that "ride" sound it had when I played it with my other sticks.

This stick is overall built well and will last a good amount of time. It also had the DIP thing which is nice.

This is something that is worth buying. The build is good. I would rsther have AHEADs though...

pls138 rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-08.

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