Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Stick Reviews 4

From www.poole-percussion.co.uk, best uk drum website, alebit not the most competitive of prices. 7.99 a pair.

Travis is a great a drummer, but not one I aspire to (since I'm not a blink fan). These sticks are quality. They are slighly longer in length than standard sticks, have a barrel tip, seems a cross of 5a and 5b sticks. A nice weight to it, but not overbearing. Ideal for heavier hitters, but at the same time offers flexible play.

At first, being a 5a stick guy, I found them a tad heavy. But you quickly get used to it, and gives you a better work out when drumming. I blister my hands quite easily, altho i've got really sensitive skin.

Considering these are Zildjian sticks the build is surprisingly good, I've had doubts over their sticks having tried other sticks of theres only for them to break quite easy, and feeling quite cheap. But these bad boys are quality, strong and long lasting. The wood feels beter, more like vic firths do. When they do break, its usually splits at the neck, which is better than say the tip breaking off.

Overall, I've tried various sticks, from ahead to vic firth to carbosticks. And these Travis Barker sticks are my fav. I've used them for over a year now, and will stick with them. They're not as light as 5a's, and take time to adadpt to them (i do tend to drop them on a frequent basis, but that's prob just me). Try them for yourself.

Scott Cassie rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-23.

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