Zildjian ZBT Rock Performance Set Reviews 2

I've only been drumming for about a year. I have recently formed a band with a few mates.

I bought these cymbals on ebay for around 120. I bought them because I wanted to upgrade the cymbals that I had.

Very shiny. The ride is surprisingly good for a begginers set. I got a free cymbal bag. That's about it really.

The crash broke after about 3 months, which was odd considering how heavy the ride and hi hats were. Speaking of the hi hats, they sound like whacking a bin lid with a big stick. Honestly, they do. As for the crash it sounds sooo tinny and cheap, and it is even worse than the hats.

The ride and the hi hats are very durable, and I still have them now, although i've upgraded(again). On the other hand, the crash is incredibly thin and even if you don't hit it very hard, it slitt breaks easily.

Although i've slaughtered the crash and hi hats, the ride is pretty good and I still use it sometimes, although I now use Sabian XS20s(which are great by the way). If you are a complete beginner, looking for your first proper cymbal set, these are pretty cheap, and you can get them for a lot less than I did from some shops. The ride is really the only good cymbal in the set, and you still expect a lot better than this, especially from Zildjian. But you get a free cymbal bag(oh how I love freebies!)

rated this unit 2 on 2006-03-18.

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