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My wife knew I wanted an acoustic bass to practice with and bought this for me as a birthday present, bought it on eBay for pretty cheap.

In a nutshell - Probably the Cheapest Acoustic Bass Guitar you will find. --------------- You can play without having to plug in your instrument to an amp and here it. Or you can use the built-in 1/4' jack and equalizer to plug it in to amplifier it.

In a nutshell - You get what you pay for... --------------- It plays okay, but the EQ kills the battery pretty quick. And the frets aren't as even as they could be and the intonation is a bit off. It isn't something you would want to play a professional gig with , but its a nice cheap bass to play around with if you want to have an acoustic bass. I am sure you could get repair technician to fix it up a bit.

Mediocre construction, as I said before you get what you pay for. The overall structure of the bass is sound, but the little tings that make playability and tone good like the evenness of the frets and the bridge or fairly poor.

If you want an acoustic bass to practice with and don't want to break the bank it is fine. Otherwise put out the extra dough for something much better.

ctargia rated this unit 2 on 2010-05-07.

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