December 2006 Articles |

Smart Loops™ Releases SL Reference Kit for SoundFont 2.0-Compatible Software Samplers and Sound Cards - 2006-12-31 by Smart Loops

Randall set to Release new Bass Amplifiers with Valve-Dynamic Power at Winter NAMM 2007 - 2006-12-30 by Randall

Saturn Gets New Improvements, Colors and Configurations - 2006-12-29 by Press Release

Eden Now Shipping New Sub-Compact Amplifier - 2006-12-28 by Eden

Mapex Orion Series Goes A’la Carte - 2006-12-27 by Mapex

Stanton DJ Strengthens FinalScratch 2 Support - 2006-12-24 by Stanton

Three MI Giants - One Amazing Alliance - 2006-12-22 by Press Release

Epiphone VIP Party: January 20th In Anaheim! - 2006-12-20 by Epiphone

Smart Loops™ Releases Phat to Phreaky in Apple Loops, REX2 Formats - 2006-12-19 by Smart Loops

New APX Line Revolutionizes Electric Acoustic Guitar Technology - 2006-12-18 by Press Release

GuitarMania2 an AZ Hit! - 2006-12-16 by Press Release

Parker Introduces New Line of Acoustic Guitars with The Intrigue Series - 2006-12-15 by Parker

American Audio’s Vinyl 101 Direct Drive Turntable System Starts DJs Spinnin’ & Scratchin’ At Amazingly Low Price - 2006-12-14 by American Audio

Digidesign Unleashes Pro Tools 7.3 Software for All Platforms - 2006-12-13 by Digidesign

AUDIO KONTROL 1 wins iF product design award - 2006-12-12 by Press Release

Gibson Original Proudly Presents the Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model Mandolin - 2006-12-11 by Gibson

Vox Endorsers Hawthorne Heights Praise the AC30 Custom Classic - 2006-12-10 by Vox

Parker Introduces Jazz Series Guitars - 2006-12-09 by Parker

TASCAM Ships LaunchPad - 2006-12-08 by Tascam

Korg Debuts Pa800 Arranger Keyboard - 2006-12-07 by Korg

Cakewalk® Announces Special Crossgrade Pricing on SONAR™ 6 - 2006-12-06 by Cakewalk

Marantz Ships New CDR310 Professional CD Recorder - 2006-12-05 by Marantz

Guitar Center and Fender Sell Out 185 BLACKIE Stratocaster Guitars in 7 Hours - 2006-12-04 by Guitar Center

Jellyjam Studios And Eventide H8000s Go Together Like PeanutButter And Jelly - 2006-12-03 by Eventide

Line 6 Offers Two Effects for the Price of One - 2006-12-02 by Line 6

Bootsy Collins Steps Into A New Sonic Dimension With Korg AX3000B - 2006-12-01 by Korg