August 2011 Articles |

Alto Professional TS112A Brings Power and Clarity to the Mix - 2011-08-30 by ShackMan

Hands-on review: SolidGoldFX Nitro booster - 2011-08-25 by Brian Johnston

Korg MA-1 metronome breaks down the beat - 2011-08-25 by Dave Molter

Roland ships Jupiter-80 synth - 2011-08-24 by Dave Molter

Shred legend Paul Gilbert creates TonePrints for TC Electronic - 2011-08-24 by Dave Molter

Catalinbread introduces Naga Viper Treble Booster - 2011-08-24 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: Eastwood's Mandocaster - 2011-08-24 by Brian Johnston

Hands-on Review: Alesis DM8 USB Kit - 2011-08-16 by mtebaldi

Rock on! Gretsch announces Eddie Cochran Signature Hollowbody - 2011-08-13 by Dave Molter

Charvel unveils new Desolation Series Skatecaster guitars - 2011-08-09 by Dave Molter

Building a custom guitar, part V: some assembly required - 2011-08-09 by Brian Johnston

Nathan East chooses TC Electronic's Blacksmith bass setup - 2011-08-08 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: DrNo-Effects Madfly Heavy Distortion - 2011-08-06 by Brian Johnston

Fender unveils two new Acoustasonic amps for acoustic guitarists - 2011-08-06 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: Dr No-Effects Kafuzz!! - 2011-08-06 by Brian Johnston

10 questions with Ted Nugent - 2011-08-06 by Brian Johnston

Ravishing! Electro Harmonix introduces sitar stompbox - 2011-08-03 by Dave Molter

Fender Super-Sonic Twin: back to the basics, with updates - 2011-08-03 by Dave Molter

Fishman says Powerchords aren't just for guitarists anymore - 2011-08-02 by Dave Molter

Building a custom guitar, part IV: Body & Soul - 2011-08-01 by Brian Johnston

Blur guitarist Coxon Fender Tele will be available only in Europe - 2011-08-01 by Dave Molter

Fender releases Bronco 40 modeling bass amp - 2011-08-01 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1, E1, X1 vocal effects now shipping - 2011-08-01 by Dave Molter

New TC Electronic TonePrint pedals debut - 2011-08-01 by Dave Molter