April 2010 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

Dude! There's an iTunes app for that chord! - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

Shure clebrates 85th anniversary - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

New "Vibe Series: Slow Grooves" From Drums On Demand - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock inducted into Musical Instruments Museum - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases Woodstock Anthology - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

Afred Publishing releases Muse 'Resistance' sheet music - 2010-04-29 by Dave Molter

DigiTech release JamMan Stereo Looper - 2010-04-28 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases Lady Antebellum songbook - 2010-04-27 by Dave Molter

Electric Guitar Clinic: Would you like single coils or humbuckers with that? - 2010-04-22 by Matt Griffith

Genelec debuts small speaker system for computers, music systems - 2010-04-20 by Dave Molter

Genelec releases new tri-amped studio monitor - 2010-04-20 by Dave Molter

Protection Racket releases new Triple AAA drum cases - 2010-04-20 by Dave Molter

Sennheiser.ASCAP sponsor panel discussion at "I Create Music Expo" in LA - 2010-04-20 by Dave Molter

Boss unveils ME-25 guitar multieffects box - 2010-04-20 by Dave Molter

Zenhiser releases new Drum & Bass Construktion Kit - 2010-04-19 by Dave Molter

Molten Voltage releases programmable MIDI Interface for Digitech Whammy 4 - 2010-04-19 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica debuts stereo headset/mic designed for live broadcasting - 2010-04-18 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica introducestwo new interview microphones - 2010-04-18 by Dave Molter

Lexicon offers free trial on reveb plug-in bundle - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

D&M release new Marantz pro field recorder - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

Marantz rackmount digital recorder debuts - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

Denon Pro releases two new CD players - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

Denon releases two new solid-state audio players - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

Modern Beats releases "RnB Klub Music Loops 2" - 2010-04-17 by Dave Molter

Noteflight debuts Crescendo online music notation software - 2010-04-12 by Dave Molter

Genelec shipping its pro series 8260A 3-way studio monitors - 2010-04-12 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock expands Debutante guitar lineup - 2010-04-09 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock adds Rock Candy basses to Debutante line - 2010-04-09 by Dave Molter

Roland's Atelier Organ Fest 2010 a Success - 2010-04-07 by ShackMan

Aguilar offers Jazz bass replacement pickups - 2010-04-06 by Dave Molter

Native Instruments release Abbey Road 70s drums for Kontakt - 2010-04-06 by Dave Molter

QSC Launches KW Series active loudspeakers - 2010-04-05 by Dave Molter

Rain Computers unveils ORIGIN processor for low latency use of multiple plug-ins. - 2010-04-05 by Dave Molter

Rotosound introduces two bass sets designed for drop tuning - 2010-04-05 by Dave Molter

Zenhiser releases Tech House Construktion Kit and Electro Beats - 2010-04-05 by Dave Molter

KAOSS as Music: Korg's Latest Pad - 2010-04-01 by ShackMan