May 2011 Articles |

Meet Alto Professional: Live audio, low price point, a decade growing - 2011-05-30 by ShackMan

Hands-on review: JBL PRX635 - 2011-05-27 by Jason Castellente

Review: The eMedia Piano Method steps up to the plate. Is it worthwhile? - 2011-05-27 by ShackMan

EBS premieres titanium nickel, staniless steel bass strings - 2011-05-27 by Dave Molter

Gibson offers Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 acoustic - 2011-05-27 by Dave Molter

Gibson lets bassists channel Jimmy Page with Les Paul Standard Bass - 2011-05-27 by Dave Molter

Whoa, Junior! Gibson's LP Junior DC Bass might upstage its big brothers - 2011-05-27 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic teams with Nashville guitarists for their latest pedals - 2011-05-26 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: Maxon RTD800 - 2011-05-25 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: GPCPA3 by C.F. Martin - 2011-05-25 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: Takamine EGMINI-NS: A real travel guitar - 2011-05-25 by John Gorbe

DigiTech Whammy DT adds drop tuning and more - 2011-05-21 by Dave Molter

Godin releases Multiac Encore nylon string guitar - 2011-05-21 by Dave Molter

iZotope’s Nectar sweetening vocals - 2011-05-20 by mtebaldi

Fender debuts American Special P and J Basses - 2011-05-20 by Dave Molter

Review: The Studio Builder's Handbook, by Bobby Owsinski and Dennis Moody - 2011-05-16 by ShackMan

Hands-on Review: Audio Technica ATM650 - 2011-05-16 by Jason Castellente

Alfred releases music production guide - Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals - 2011-05-12 by mtebaldi

Rotosound adds new nickel rounds to Swing Bass line - 2011-05-10 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: Takamine EG463SC - 2011-05-09 by John Gorbe

Hands-on review: Audio Technica AT4080 - 2011-05-08 by Jason Castellente

ENGL Amplification provides a classy, relaxed atmosphere in Hollywood - 2011-05-06 by John Gorbe

Staying on pitch with TightScrews - 2011-05-05 by mtebaldi

Three new VoiceTone Singles vocal effects from TC-Helicon - 2011-05-02 by Dave Molter