June 2011 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

V-Picks: boutique pickin' 'n' grinnin' - 2011-06-30 by John Gorbe

VOX, Tony Bruno team for all-tube amps - 2011-06-30 by Dave Molter

Vox debuts Series 22 double cutaway - 2011-06-28 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic offers limited edition Nova System - 2011-06-28 by Dave Molter

V-Picks: boutique picks for guitarists - 2011-06-26 by John Gorbe

Hands-on review: ESP’s LTD EC-1000 Deluxe BLK - 2011-06-26 by John Gorbe

Hands-on review: Bob Kilgore's Harmonic Capo -- Multi-dimensional sound - 2011-06-25 by Brian Johnston

Guild reveals the new F-30CE orchestra-style cutaway - 2011-06-24 by John Gorbe

Digitech announces iPB-10, iPad-programmable pedalboard - 2011-06-23 by Dave Molter

Alfred Teams with Judy Carmichael to show you how to stride - 2011-06-23 by ShackMan

James Rushin's "Stuff You Might Not Have Thought About" Before Touring: A Guide - 2011-06-23 by ShackMan

Gibson, Epiphone announce return of SummerJam during NAMM - 2011-06-22 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic announces Steve Stevens Toneprint sounds - 2011-06-22 by Dave Molter

Working With Your Voice Guide to Professional Singing Released by Alfred Publishing - 2011-06-21 by ShackMan

Hands-on review: Eric Joseph Maple on Maple Custom Guitar - 2011-06-20 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: Audix D4 - 2011-06-19 by Jason Castellente

Schecter releases new Hellraiser Model - 2011-06-17 by John Gorbe

C.F. Martin honors John Renbourn with Custom Artist Model - 2011-06-16 by John Gorbe

The Rule of Cool: Reverend Guitar’s ‘Unknown Hinson Signature’ - 2011-06-14 by Brian Johnston

Hands-on Review: Audix D6 -- Kickin'! - 2011-06-11 by Jason Castellente

PLM3A studio monitors offer high performance - 2011-06-09 by Dave Molter

Zoom R8: The perfect companion for guitarists - 2011-06-08 by John Gorbe

Gretsch honors Duane Eddy with: G6120DE Signature Hollow Body - 2011-06-08 by John Gorbe

Roland releases Cube-XL bass amp series - 2011-06-07 by Dave Molter

Yamaha CLP-400: A Digital Piano in Disguise - 2011-06-07 by ShackMan

Peterson Strobe Tuners offers Stomp Classic giveaway - 2011-06-06 by John Gorbe

American Musical Supply is Letting You NAME Your Price for a Short Time - 2011-06-03 by ShackMan

Boss launches 2nd Loop Station World Championships - 2011-06-03 by ShackMan

Zoom R8: A mini-recording studio! (With built-in microphones?) - 2011-06-02 by ShackMan

Casio celebrates winning KeyBuy Award for 4th Year in a row with WK-7500 - 2011-06-01 by ShackMan