January 2008 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

DigiTech® Introduces Vocalist® Live Pro Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor - 2008-01-31 by DigiTech

New rodemic.com set to rock the web! - 2008-01-30 by EMI

Get ready to rock as RØDE University opens its doors! - 2008-01-29 by Press Release

Numark Debuts Road Case for IDJ2 - 2008-01-28 by NUMARK

Cakewalk® Releases Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack For Rapture, Rapture LE, And SONAR 7 Customers - 2008-01-27 by Cakewalk

Paiste to Triple Sound Choices in Twenty Series - 2008-01-26 by Paiste

ReValver™ MKIII Sparks a Revolution in Modeling Software - 2008-01-25 by Press Release

Cakewalk® Announces Dimension Pro 1.3 Update Providing Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and Universal Binary Compatibility - 2008-01-24 by Cakewalk

Stone Sour Guitarist Josh Rand Designs Signature Peavey Custom Shop Guitar - 2008-01-23 by Peavey

BOSS Announces the BR-900CD VER.2 - 2008-01-22 by Boss

Numark TTi Turntable Records Directly to iPod - 2008-01-21 by NUMARK

Cakewalk® Announces Rapture 1.1.1 Update Providing Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) Compatibility - 2008-01-20 by Cakewalk

Paiste to Launch Several New Signature Series Models - 2008-01-19 by Paiste

New Badwater Eldorado Guitars! - 2008-01-17 by Press Release

Maple Releases New Thick Flamed Maple Snare - 2008-01-16 by Press Release

Sabian Announces Limited Edition Hard Rock Override Cymbal - 2008-01-15 by Sabian

Parker Debuts Limited Edition Jazz Guitar - 2008-01-14 by Parker

Korg Celebrates 20th Anniversary of The M1 - 2008-01-13 by Korg

Pro Tools Compatibility with new Mac Pro Systems - 2008-01-12 by Press Release

Cool Things In Small Packages - American DJs Upgraded Accu Spot Pro 250-Watt Moving Head Hits The Big Leagues With New Professional Features - 2008-01-11 by American DJ

Clear Thinking - American Audios New Wireless Mic Systems With Selectable Frequencies Ensure Strong Signals Free of Interference - 2008-01-10 by American Audio

X2 Announces Portable Digital Wireless System - 2008-01-09 by Press Release

Gibson Robot Guitar Scores "Best of Show" At CES Cherry Picks 2008 - 2008-01-08 by Gibson

Ampeg Unveils Reissue ADA4 See-Through Bass At NAMM - 2008-01-06 by Ampeg

Gibson Guitar Brings Traditional Designs of Wurlitzer into the 21st Century - 2008-01-05 by Gibson

Cakewalk® Releases Free SONAR 7.0.2 Update and Euphonix EuCon Compatibility - 2008-01-04 by Cakewalk

SABIAN Announces APX Cymbal Series - 2008-01-03 by Sabian

Bree Casedy Impulse Responses Library Released - 2008-01-02 by ESP

The Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustics - 2008-01-01 by Epiphone