June 2007 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

Audio-Technica Expands its Extensive Range of Contractor-Exclusive Engineered Sound® Boundary Microphones - 2007-06-30 by Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica Introduces the Next Generation of Its Contractor-Exclusive Engineered Sound® Microphones - 2007-06-29 by Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica Introduces SpectraPulse™ Ultra Wideband Wireless Microphone System - 2007-06-27 by Audio-Technica

Line 6 is Now Shipping TonePort GX™ - 2007-06-26 by Line 6

DigiTech® Ships New Vocalist® Live 2 Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor - 2007-06-25 by DigiTech

Introducing the Amazing GUITAR LINK UCG102 Interface from BEHRINGER - 2007-06-24 by Behringer

B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD3000 - Next-Generation DJ Machine - 2007-06-23 by Press Release

Native Instruments Debuts Online DJ Hardware Guide - 2007-06-22 by Native Instruments

PRS Guitars Teams Up with indieSolo.com - 2007-06-21 by PRS

Les Paul Ultra - A New Twist To A Rock Guitar Icon - 2007-06-20 by Press Release

The Undiscovered Band Contest - 2007-06-19 by Press Release

Have Truck Will Travel: HD Roadie Mobile Sets its Sights on Music - 2007-06-17 by Press Release

Peace Musical to Debut Peace Marauder Drum Kit at NAMM - 2007-06-16 by Press Release

Digidesign’s VENUE Hits Major Sales Milestone: 500 Systems Sold Worldwide - 2007-06-15 by Digidesign

Native Instruments Releases Free BATTERY 3 Library Add-On - 2007-06-14 by Native Instruments

Billy Cobham Headlined Drum Daze 2007 - 2007-06-13 by Press Release

Power Trio - Three new Squier models combine vintage vibe and hot rod muscle … - 2007-06-12 by Squier

Elixir® Strings Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings Wins International Press Award at Musikmesse - 2007-06-11 by Elixir

Pro-Sounds Injects Vanguard With Some Culture - 2007-06-10 by Press Release

The 1st Montreal Guitar Show strikes a chord! - 2007-06-09 by Press Release

Gibson Guitar Sponsors Chicago Blues Festival June 7-10, 2007 - 2007-06-08 by Gibson

New All-Maple Shell Pack Sold Exclusively By Five Star Drum Shops - 2007-06-07 by Press Release

Free Dennis DeSantis Live Pack - 2007-06-06 by Press Release

Smart Loops™ Releases 3 New SL MultiTracks™ Drum Loop Libraries for Bossa Nova, Country, Rock - 2007-06-05 by Smart Loops

VOX AC30 Is a Necessity For Patrick Stump Of Fall Out Boy - 2007-06-04 by Vox

Roland Releases New MV-8800 Synth Patches - 2007-06-03 by Roland

Rain Recording UK Releases The Nimbus Pro Audio Workstation - 2007-06-01 by Rain Recording