February 2007 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

The New RBX4 A2 Electric Bass Guitar: Light As A.I.R., Deep As The Ocean - 2007-02-28 by Press Release

Roland VIMA Awarded Best in Show Honors - 2007-02-27 by Roland

PRS Guitars Commemorates Special Edition Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette With Custom Guitar - 2007-02-26 by PRS

Native Instruments announces AUDIO 8 DJ - 2007-02-25 by Native Instruments

High-Powered Peavey VB-2™ Tube Bass Amplifier Delivers Snarling to Sparkling Valve Tones - 2007-02-24 by Peavey

Smart Loops™ Releases SL MultiTracks™ - 2007-02-23 by Smart Loops

Mapex Introduces Black Panther "SS" Solid Steel Snare Drum - 2007-02-22 by Mapex

Rain Recording Introduces Livebook "Sketch" Portable Audio Notebook - 2007-02-21 by Rain Recording

Peavey Unveils New Custom Shop Interface - 2007-02-20 by Peavey

DJs Go Desktop - 2007-02-19 by Press Release

Cakewalk® Launches YouTube.com Video Channel - 2007-02-19 by Cakewalk

Guitar Center Scours The Nation To Crown The Next King Of The Blues - 2007-02-18 by Guitar Center

Robert Fripp Uses Eventide to Explore Interplanetary Sounds - 2007-02-16 by Eventide

Audio-Technica Shows Artist Series Microphones for Drum and Percussion Applications - 2007-02-15 by Audio-Technica

Korg Unveils M3 Music Workstation/Sampler - 2007-02-14 by Korg

Roland Ships MV-8800 Production Studio - 2007-02-13 by Roland

Ben Grossman Surrounds the Crows with Sounds of His Vielle À Roue Using H8000FW - 2007-02-12 by Press Release

Audio-Technica AT2010 Handheld Condenser Microphone Brings Studio Quality Sound to Live Performance Applications - 2007-02-11 by Audio-Technica

Guitar Center Announces The Royal Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp Sweepstakes - 2007-02-10 by Guitar Center

Paiste Introduces RUDE Wild Crashes - 2007-02-09 by Paiste

Peavey Amplifier Engineering Produces Class-A Windsor™ Studio - 2007-02-08 by Peavey

Line 6 Announces the Affordable Solution for Professional Bass Tone, Bass Floor POD - 2007-02-07 by Line 6

Nikki Sixx Blackbird from Epiphone - 2007-02-06 by Epiphone

Yamaha Unveils New EZ-200 Keyboard - 2007-02-05 by Yamaha

Universal Audio Unveils UAD-XPANDER - 2007-02-04 by Press Release

One of the Grand Masters of Podcasting Relies on Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder - 2007-02-03 by Marantz