December 2007 Articles |

Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano Celebrates 40th Anniversary - 2007-12-31 by Yamaha

eMedia Music Releases New “Plug and Play” Learn to Play Keyboard Pack - 2007-12-30 by Press Release

New Deco King Banjo from Recording King - 2007-12-29 by Press Release

Big Fish Audio Now Shipping "Retro ADpak" - 2007-12-28 by Big Fish Audio

Roland Announces 5th Annual Worship Summit - 2007-12-27 by Roland

Trace Elliot Goes Universal - 2007-12-26 by Trace Elliot

Steinberg Adds Cubase AI to Crossgrade Special - 2007-12-25 by Press Release

BSM Announces RMG Treblebooster - 2007-12-23 by Press Release

American DJ Introduces Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED Scanner Versions of Award-Winning Revo LED Moonflowers - 2007-12-22 by American DJ

BEHRINGER Spins Up Chicago - 2007-12-21 by Behringer

Smart Loops™ Releases SL MultiTracks Volume 7 in Apple Loops AIFF Format - 2007-12-20 by Smart Loops

The Perfect Gift... Epiphone Instruments Under $250 - 2007-12-18 by Epiphone

Rickenbacker Change in Model Line Up - 2007-12-16 by Press Release

Recording King Custom Shop Now Accepting Orders - 2007-12-15 by Press Release

Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks XI : Classic Rock - 2007-12-14 by Press Release

Big Fish Audio Now Shipping Elite Orchestral Percussion - 2007-12-13 by Big Fish Audio

AXL Introduces Two Exclusive New Mayhem Guitars - 2007-12-12 by AXL

Big Fish Audio Now Shipping Trafik - Progressive House & Electronica - 2007-12-10 by Big Fish Audio

Yamaha N Series FireWire Digital Mixing Studios Now Shipping - 2007-12-09 by Yamaha

Ludwig Drums and Sticks Featured in Rock Band™ - 2007-12-07 by Ludwig

Numark introduces three new "Computer DJ in a Box" bundles - 2007-12-05 by NUMARK

Smart Loops™ Releases SL MultiTracks Volume 7 in ACID WAV Format - 2007-12-04 by Smart Loops

Revo Series From American DJ Wins Crystal Disc Award - 2007-12-03 by American DJ

Now Available: Ableton Live 7 , New Instruments and Ableton Suite - 2007-12-02 by Ableton

Fender Scores Bass Hit With Bass Bash IV! - 2007-12-01 by Fender