May 2010 Articles |

Nady releases new 100-channel wireless system - 2010-05-29 by Dave Molter

Grammy Award-winng producer Andy Zulla chooses Lexicon - 2010-05-29 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic to release new PolyTune™ iPhone app - 2010-05-27 by Dave Molter

Grace Digital Audio introduces Eco Extreme All-Terrain MP3 speaker - 2010-05-26 by Dave Molter

The afterlife of a Shure microphone - 2010-05-26 by Dave Molter

Genelec 8020A active monitors provide great sound for Metrovision's HD-1 remore unit - 2010-05-26 by Dave Molter

Shure helps Sound Driver play world's highest rock concert - 2010-05-26 by Dave Molter

Vintage releases Gordon Giltrap model acoustics - 2010-05-24 by Dave Molter

Steinberg's Nuendo 5 set to ship with new features - 2010-05-24 by Dave Molter

Epiphone has a winner in the Zenith acoustic-electric bass - 2010-05-22 by Dave Molter

Audiofile Engineering Launches MIDI Surface for iPhone OS - 2010-05-21 by Dave Molter

Audition videos being accepted for V-Accordion Festival - 2010-05-21 by Dave Molter

Denon's new DN-F400 helps take the oops! out of school sports, theater sound - 2010-05-21 by Dave Molter

Genelec active monitors a key to Eric Silver's Nashville studio upgrade - 2010-05-21 by Dave Molter

Open Labs unveils Gen6 production station - 2010-05-21 by Dave Molter

Two new historic books on Fender guitars, Rickenbacker 12-string - 2010-05-18 by Dave Molter

Instant vocals for any keyboardist with Roland's VP-7 - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Manson's Guitar Shop teams with Bare Knuckle for new line of pickups - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Slash, Guitar Center unveil new Gibson Slash sig guitar - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Roland release OCTAPAD digital percussion pad - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases Total Funk Drummer - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Enter to win Sabian's "Most Warped Drummer" contest - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Sing alaong with your favorite tracks withFanShake and MXP4's Karaoke - 2010-05-16 by Dave Molter

Review: Casio PX-830 Digital Piano - 2010-05-14 by ShackMan

Korg gives everyone the opportunity of make music at SXSW - 2010-05-12 by ShackMan

Beatlesqueeze me! Abbey Road releases compressor plug-in - 2010-05-12 by Dave Molter

ReBirth software available for iPod - 2010-05-12 by Dave Molter

Technomad to unveil Oslo 18 subwoofer at Vegas trade show - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Pendulum now endorsing Rotosound strings - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Gibson releases limited edition Brad Paisley acoustic/electric - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Dave Matthews collaborates with Taylor for signature acoustic - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Ik Multimedia releases guitar interface & App for iPod - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Cakewalk unveils V- Studio 20 for guitarists, singers - 2010-05-10 by Dave Molter

Sonuus B2M MIDI interface for bass: not the next big thing - 2010-05-09 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic System 6000 MKII now shipping - 2010-05-07 by Dave Molter

Zenhiser releases 1980's drum beats collection and more - 2010-05-07 by Lakloander

TC Electronic unveils Nova Repeater delay pedal - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic debuts 410 bass cabinet - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

Grrrrrr!! FEA Labs releases Growler pedal for bass - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

Warwick announces Corvette Limited Edition bass - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

Cordoba releases Fusion Orchestra guitar - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

Camo for you AND your guitar: Michael Kelly's new Blake Shelton model - 2010-05-05 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing Releases Updated Journey Songbooks - 2010-05-05 by ShackMan

Hanson Guitars buys Lakland; brand name will continue with model changes - 2010-05-03 by Dave Molter

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess featured in iPhone app - 2010-05-03 by Dave Molter

Waves Audio ships I/O card for Yamaha mixing consoles - 2010-05-03 by Dave Molter