June 2010 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

New Snares And Throw-Off System From DW - 2010-06-29 by mtebaldi

EVH issues affordable Wolfgang Special guitar - 2010-06-29 by Dave Molter

Sennheiser Teams with Pick The Band to launch HearIAm campaign - 2010-06-29 by Dave Molter

TC Helicon's Voice Live Touch snags "Best in Show" at Summer NAMM in Nashville - 2010-06-29 by Dave Molter

One hot bass in the Dingwall Combustion - 2010-06-29 by Dave Molter

Shure's KSM313 ribbon mic at home and on the road with Cubby Colby - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

DBZ Guitars make dealers smile again in tough economy - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Taylor's GS Mini provides big sound in a small package - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

HardWire adds TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary Extreme Performance pedal - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica introduces ES963 three-element surface-mount microphone - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Engineer Bernie Becker chooses AMS Neve Genesys console - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Hercules rolls out new DJ console line - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

DigiTech unveils new BDP90 bass multi-effects pedal - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

It's alive! Fender releases "Frankenbucket" guitar. moves to Fishman preamps - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Two new basses from Squier - 2010-06-28 by Dave Molter

Oriolo Guitars' new Felix the Cat line is the cat's meow - 2010-06-27 by Dave Molter

Oriolo Guitars' new Felix the Cat line will make you purr - 2010-06-27 by Lkalander

Toontrack’s Beatstation is now available - 2010-06-25 by mtebaldi

Roland Releases GAIA Battery-powered Synthesizer - 2010-06-24 by ShackMan

EBS MultiComp lets your bass compete with cranked guitar amps - 2010-06-23 by Dave Molter

Elixir passes the test and adds patch cords to its cable line - 2010-06-23 by Dave Molter

Taking its Place: Reviewing Elixir Low-Resistance Cables - 2010-06-21 by ShackMan

Blue Microphones Announces the Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit - 2010-06-18 by mtebaldi

Daisy Rock debuts parlor & spalted maple acoustic guitars - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Elixir Strings kicks in to aid Nashville flood relief - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Ultrasone's S-Logic wins Innovation Plus X Award - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Orange Amplifiers releases OPC computer/amp that includes over $1,000 in free sofware - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Music Music Mix Mobile uses Waves plug-ins for Billy Joel's 'Last Play at Shea' - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases Peter Erskine drum DVD - 2010-06-14 by Dave Molter

Elixir offering free cable if you hear the difference at NAMM - 2010-06-09 by Dave Molter

Roland shipping new R-05 WAV/MP3 recorder - 2010-06-07 by Dave Molter

Shure gives voice to Project RYTMO - 2010-06-07 by Dave Molter

Zenhiser releases new drum tracks sets - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Producer/Composer Andy Gray chooses X-Rack - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Boss announces Loop Station world championships - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Zoom launches H1 Handy Recorder - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

NAMM, music products industry lends a hand in Nashville flood relief - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Pacific Drums & Percussion offers new Blackout snare drum line - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Rotosound signs more than 20 new endorsees - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Shure wireless systems plasy major role at Cowboys Stadium - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

iTab Electronic Songbook offers scrolling chords, lyrics at the end of your guitar neck - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Rotosound signs 20 new endorsees - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

Goodbye chicken roaster: Geddy Lee endorses Orange amplifiers - 2010-06-05 by Dave Molter

NAMM Helps out with Flood Relief in Nashville - 2010-06-02 by ShackMan