February 2011 Articles | MusicGearReview.com

Alfred distributes Your First Drum Lesson DVD - 2011-02-27 by mtebaldi

Unique stompboxes from Down Under - 2011-02-25 by John Gorbe

Boss Hosts Loops Station World Championships and Gets Beatboxing and Nicknames - 2011-02-25 by ShackMan

Squier Jaguar: The sleek cat of the guitar world - 2011-02-25 by John Gorbe

Daisy Rock releases new acoustic-electric - 2011-02-24 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: Onboard Research recharges the tuner - 2011-02-23 by John Gorbe

Hands-on Review: PT-20 and CT1 Tuners from Onboard Research - 2011-02-23 by John Gorbe

Protection Racket re-launches Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bags - 2011-02-23 by mtebaldi

Coady Combo – A new wave of drop-clutches - 2011-02-23 by mtebaldi

TC Electronic’s complete range of broadcasting meters and processors on display at NAB 2011 - 2011-02-23 by Dave Molter

TASCAM offers solar-powered tuner - 2011-02-21 by Dave Molter

TASCAM US-200 Audio Interface - 2011-02-21 by Dave Molter

RapcoHorizon and Taylor Guitars combine to produce the VCable - 2011-02-21 by Dave Molter

Ear Machine releases app to make picking a microphone easy - 2011-02-20 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock's new Rebel Rockit Bass: think pink - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica unveils U851RO omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

MarkBass rolls out new products for 2011 - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

MarkBass sister company, DVMark, debuts at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Veillette Guitars debuts chambred-body Concorde bass - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Epiphone debuts '70s-inspired LP Custom Blackback - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Gibson releases SG 24 limited run 50th anniversary model - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Life imitates art: Gibson unveils Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer - 2011-02-19 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing makes learning classic songs easy - 2011-02-14 by John Gorbe

Audio-Technica unveilsU855QL Cardioid Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone - 2011-02-14 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock introduces Stardust Elite Rebel Standard - 2011-02-14 by Dave Molter

Washburn debuts parlor-sized acoustic beauties - 2011-02-11 by John Gorbe

Afred's Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete: a fulfilling experience - 2011-02-11 by John Gorbe

Honey, I shrunk the PortaStudio - 2011-02-10 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: Fender's Road Worn Player Strats are ready to be worn - 2011-02-09 by John Gorbe

Kronos takes over at top of Korg's keyboard line - 2011-02-08 by ShackMan

Korg brings noise to new fingers with the PS60 Performance Keyboard - 2011-02-08 by ShackMan

Washburn to release new J600 jazz box - 2011-02-08 by ShackMan

Bob Taylor details the story of Taylor Guitars in new book - 2011-02-07 by John Gorbe

Toontrack releases Rock Songs MIDI Pack and Bulb Producer Presets - 2011-02-07 by mtebaldi

Review: Toontrack’s Latin Percussion EZX - 2011-02-07 by mtebaldi

In-depth review: behold Alesis’ E-kit masterpiece, the DM10 Pro Kit - 2011-02-07 by mtebaldi

65Amps releases "dream" amplifier: Empire 22 - 2011-02-07 by John Gorbe

EAW unveils powerful, low-profile QX series PA speakers - 2011-02-07 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: ESP's distressed LTD EC-256 AVG - 2011-02-07 by John Gorbe

Review: Evans GMAD – A Breed of Punch & Tone - 2011-02-06 by mtebaldi

Levin, Belew, Mastellotto to host music camp in August - 2011-02-06 by Dave Molter

Korg Pandora Mini captures artist tones for bassists and guitarists - 2011-02-03 by ShackMan

A surprise from AXL Guitars: the Wavepoint Mahogany - 2011-02-03 by John Gorbe

Korg's NanoSeries2 brings back the old with new features - 2011-02-03 by ShackMan

Alfred Publishing expands pro audio series with live recording DVD - 2011-02-03 by Dave Molter

Korg's PA3X Arranger stuffs everything in one board - 2011-02-03 by ShackMan

Hands-on review: Teach Me Bass Guitar - DVD lessons for every player - 2011-02-01 by Dave Molter