March 2011 Articles |

Daisy Rock drops the (cherry) bomb on new Starburst Rebel Elite - 2011-03-31 by John Gorbe

Pigtronix introduces the Tremvelope effect pedal - 2011-03-31 by mtebaldi

Alfred Publishing releases The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes - 2011-03-31 by mtebaldi

Korg holds Kronos All-Access Parties across the country - 2011-03-31 by ShackMan

Brad Paisley uses SHURE at Daytona 500 - 2011-03-31 by mtebaldi

Audio Technica’s AT2022 X/Y Stereo Condenser Microphone now available - 2011-03-31 by mtebaldi

TRX’s ICON Series brighten your cymbal options - 2011-03-31 by mtebaldi

Roland releases FriendJam app: for practice and networking - 2011-03-31 by ShackMan

Vox: setting new standards in multi-effects with ToneLab EX - 2011-03-30 by john Gorbe

Genelec debuts BroadcastPak system - 2011-03-29 by Dave Molter

Genelec offers popular monitor setup in Mystic Black finish - 2011-03-29 by Dave Molter

Gibson launches Spanish-friendly website - 2011-03-28 by john Gorbe

Markbass introduces Bass Tube Marker distortion unit - 2011-03-28 by Dave Molter

Eventide Space Reverb: to infinity and beyond - 2011-03-28 by Dave Molter

Granelli Labs SM57 mod takes a (90-degree) turn for the better - 2011-03-28 by Dave Molter

EVH: New twist on Wolfgang model guitars - 2011-03-27 by john Gorbe

Alfred Publishing Releases Anything Goes 2011 Revival Edition - 2011-03-27 by ShackMan

Free Cymbags included with TRX Cymbals purchase - 2011-03-27 by mtebaldi

More top drummers are using KickPort - 2011-03-27 by mtebaldi

Hudson Music announces The Evolution of Jazz Drumming workbook - 2011-03-27 by mtebaldi

Review: Gruv Gear's V-Cart Solo (And Friends) - 2011-03-27 by ShackMan

Guild introduces Standard Series F-30RCE orchetra-size cutaway - 2011-03-27 by john Gorbe

Jackson releases Scott Ian Signature guitars - 2011-03-26 by Dave Molter

Audio Technica mics Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame - 2011-03-26 by mtebaldi

Chicago’s Gravity Mastering relies on Genelec Monitors - 2011-03-26 by mtebaldi

Toontrack releases C&V Presets – Peter Henderson - 2011-03-26 by mtebaldi

Drumagog gets new sample library - 2011-03-26 by mtebaldi

Toontrack releases The Classic EZX - 2011-03-23 by mtebaldi

Alfred distributes Neil Peart: Fire on Ice DVD - 2011-03-23 by mtebaldi

Introducing TightScrew, the tension rod that eliminates drum de-tuning - 2011-03-23 by mtebaldi

New Fernandes guitar imitates Bird of Prey - 2011-03-23 by john Gorbe

ESP: Telecaster Style With a Twist - 2011-03-23 by john Gorbe

New apps and features for Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer now available - 2011-03-21 by mtebaldi

And the Grammy goes to… Sennheiser - 2011-03-21 by mtebaldi

ESP introduces the LTD AC-10E electric-acoustic - 2011-03-20 by John Gorbe

Roland Instruments center stage at 53rd Grammy Broadcast - 2011-03-17 by ShackMan

Randy Bachman is still takin' care of business with Sennheiser - 2011-03-17 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock releases classy Stardust Elite Classic - 2011-03-16 by John Gorbe

Win an Ibanez RG321EBK Guitar! - 2011-03-16 by john Gorbe

Pink Floyd Anthology by Alfred makes a Great Gig in the Sky Possible - 2011-03-10 by ShackMan

GruvGear's FretWrap Cleans up Tasty Bass Licks - 2011-03-07 by ShackMan

Audio Mixer Buying Guide - 2011-03-07 by Mixers

The Kelly SHU: a SHU-in for bass drum micing applications - 2011-03-07 by Dave Molter

Berklee and Steve Vai team up for virtual master class - 2011-03-07 by John Gorbe

Toontrack and Miles McPherson releases EZmix ands S2.0 Presets - 2011-03-06 by mtebaldi

Hands-on review: Fender Blacktop Telecaster - 2011-03-05 by John Gorbe

Hands-on review: Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - 2011-03-05 by John Gorbe

JH16 Pro – Body disappearance and total music immersion - 2011-03-05 by mtebaldi

Keyboard & MIDI Buyers Guides - 2011-03-05 by James Rushin

Randall Amplifiers debuts Minion Sereis at WInter NAMM - 2011-03-05 by Dave Molter