March 2010 Articles |

10 Questions With: Michael Whittaker - 2010-03-31 by AbbiR

Traveler Guitar releases Vintage Gold travel guitar - 2010-03-30 by Dave Molter

Fender premieres WorldWide Band Jam - 2010-03-30 by Dave Molter

Keyboard and MIDI Buyer's Guide - 2010-03-30 by Keyboard_MIDI

Genz Benz ShuttleMax 12.0 wins "Amplifier of the Year" Award - 2010-03-29 by Dave Molter

TC-Electronic release Impact Twin mic preamp/irecording interface - 2010-03-29 by Dave Molter

Blue Microphones premieres new handheld models for live use - 2010-03-29 by Dave Molter

Tannoy releases new line of Reveal Active studio reference monitor - 2010-03-29 by Dave Molter

Roland Revamps the VR-760 into the VR-700 - 2010-03-29 by ShackMan

Korg release two new Electribe music stations - 2010-03-28 by Dave Molter

Analog & Digital Multitrack Recorder Buying Guide - 2010-03-26 by Multitrack_Recorders

Nady introduces mini multichannel guitar wireless MGT-16 - 2010-03-26 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases Rush anthology songbook - 2010-03-26 by Dave Molter

Modern Beats releases "Pop Anthemz" music loops - 2010-03-26 by Lakander

TC-Helicon release substantial firmware update for VoiceLive 2 - 2010-03-26 by Dave Molter

Boss unveils battery-powered BR-800 multitrack recorder - 2010-03-24 by Lalander

Korg introduces PS60 Performance Synthesizer - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

Korg offers compact, inexpensive monotron analog ribbon synth - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

Korg rolls out new handheld digital recorder - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

Korg introduces MP-10 media player - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

Roland release new handheld WAV/MP3 recorder - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

Roland debuts keytar-style synth at Musikmesse - 2010-03-24 by Dave Molter

10 Questions With Grammy Winner Chad Carlson - Producer & Audio Engineer - 2010-03-23 by AbbiR

Roland Ships Stereo Battery-powered Keyboard Amp - 2010-03-22 by ShackMan

TC Electronics offers Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle for PowerCore - 2010-03-20 by Dave Molter

Zoom introduces Steve Vai Endorsed G2NU and G2.1 NU Effects Pedals - 2010-03-19 by MattG

Alfred expands Ultimate Guitar series with Stones Play-Along - 2010-03-19 by Dave Molter

Alfred offers Rollin Stones playalong for bass - 2010-03-19 by Dave Molter

Alfred offers Rolling Stones playalong for drums - 2010-03-19 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic offers two new bass combos - 2010-03-19 by Dave Molter

Barcus-Berry unveils Metallic Green Burst Vibrato Acoustic-Electric Violin - 2010-03-19 by Dave Molter

Classic tremolo, pan and rotating speaker effects in a single pedal from Gig-FX - 2010-03-18 by Dave Molter

Roland Introduces Battery Powered Acoustic Amp - 2010-03-17 by MattG

The SSL Duality: Man or Robot? - 2010-03-16 by AlexV

Audio-Technica microphones used at Vancouver Olympic games - 2010-03-16 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica provides microphones for Rock Hall of Fame induction - 2010-03-16 by Dave Molter

Warwick offers pricey Adam Clayton "Reverso" signature bass - 2010-03-16 by Dave Molter

Warwick Alien acoustic bass breaks new ground - 2010-03-16 by Dave Molter

Power to the people: High-end music power cords from ESP - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Warwick debuts new RockBass models - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Gig-FX introduces Sub-Wah bass effects pedal - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Gig-FX debuts revolutionary tremolo pedal - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Washburn revamps Idol series guitars - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Washburn introduces redesigned Festival Series - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Washburn debuts NX and RX series electrics - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Grammy winner David Hodges selects Ultrasone’s PRO -750 headphone - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

Waves Audio debuts Chris Lord-Alge plug-ins collection - 2010-03-15 by Dave Molter

How to Choose Bass Guitar Accessories - 2010-03-13 by Bass_Guitar_Accessories

Alfred Music Publishing debuts 16 new "Just for Fun" music books - 2010-03-12 by Dave Molter

Taylor Guitars Road Show - 2010-03-12 by MattG

Markbass SuperSynth may end bass players' keyboard envy - 2010-03-10 by Dave Molter

Porchboard Bass available in smaller package - 2010-03-09 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon debuts VoiceTone Harmony-G XT for guitarists - 2010-03-08 by Dave Molter

Acousttica MixCraft 5 is an affordable , powerful choice for home recording buffs - 2010-03-06 by Dave Molter

Korg Releases SP-170 Digital Piano with Startling New Design - 2010-03-06 by ShackMan

Ibanez debuts SRT800DX 4- and 5-string basses - 2010-03-06 by Dave Molter

Bass Guitar Effects Buyers Guide - 2010-03-06 by Bass_Guitar_Effects

Audio-Technica enhances BP892 headworn mic with dual ear mount - 2010-03-04 by Dave Molter debuts Electro Acoustic Bass - 2010-03-04 by Dave Molter

Jackson releases eight new models - 2010-03-02 by Dave Molter

SONAR Free Update to 8.5.3 for 8.5 Users Available - 2010-03-02 by ShackMan

Korg Adds SD Card Support to Bring PA50 into the 21st Century - 2010-03-02 by ShackMan

Johnson introduces Jumbo acoustic bass - 2010-03-01 by Dave Molter