August 2010 Articles |

New Versions of Reason and Record Released - 2010-08-31 by ctargia

ModernBeats Releases Ethnic Sample Library - 2010-08-31 by ctargia

Review: Traynor DB300 Stirs Up Some Competition - 2010-08-31 by ShackMan

Wampler Pedals Releases Black '65 Overdrive - 2010-08-31 by ctargia

The London Drum Show 2010 is around the corner - 2010-08-30 by mtebaldi

“Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit” now available - 2010-08-30 by mtebaldi

Lick Library offers Rory Gallagher instructional DVD set - 2010-08-25 by Dave Molter

Producer Spencer Gibb chooses Ultrasone HFI-680 as reference headphone - 2010-08-25 by Dave Molter

Alfred Music releases Basic Guitar Music Writing book - 2010-08-25 by Dave Molter

OK, go buy ALfred's new OK Go anthology - 2010-08-25 by Dave Molter

Renegade Media Group announces Josh Harris dance and drums sample libraries - 2010-08-25 by Dave Molter

Gretsch Drums Introduces Two New Kits - 2010-08-24 by mtebaldi

The Big Beat 2010 set to be the biggest yet - 2010-08-24 by mtebaldi

Dissecting Toontrack’s Beatstation - 2010-08-24 by mtebaldi

Drummer Antonio Trapanotto releases tutorial book - 2010-08-24 by mtebaldi

Alfred Publishing releases Keyboard Picture Chord Encyclopedia - 2010-08-24 by Dave Molter

Toontrack releases new MIDI collection, Songwriters Drumpack 2 - 2010-08-24 by mtebaldi

Taylor Guitars rolls out Road Show to over 100 stores in North America - 2010-08-24 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock donates instruments to L.A. charity - 2010-08-24 by Dave Molter

Ingrid Michaelson chooses Sennheiser - 2010-08-24 by Dave Molter

Get VENUE Training at Avid - 2010-08-23 by ctargia

New stuff from Gibraltar Hardware - 2010-08-23 by mtebaldi

Review: The Alienesque Electronic EZX - 2010-08-23 by mtebaldi

Hands-on review: Vibesware GR-1 Guitar Resonator - 2010-08-23 by Brian Johnston

Fender rolls out new Super-Sonic head, cab and combo - 2010-08-23 by Dave Molter

Zoom introduces stereo, 2-ounce handheld recorder - 2010-08-23 by Dave Molter

Interview: Doc Hollywood Shows You how to Run L.A.: First, Make Party Music. - 2010-08-22 by ShackMan

Jordan Rudess on Playing with New Toys - 2010-08-20 by ShackMan

Zildjian Introduces Gen16 Digital Vault - 2010-08-19 by mtebaldi

The latest from Evans: EMAD Resonant and Power Center - 2010-08-19 by mtebaldi

Toontrack Releases Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets - 2010-08-19 by mtebaldi

Pro Tools releases Three new interfaces! - 2010-08-18 by ctargia

Lick Library release Kings of Leon instructional DVD - 2010-08-18 by Dave Molter

DigiTech® Chooses QNX® for Real Time Operating System Control - 2010-08-18 by Dave Molter

Introduces W43 Noise Reduction Plugin - 2010-08-17 by ctargia

Hands-on Review: Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion - 2010-08-16 by Dave Molter

Alfred, Guitar workshop release two new improv books for guitar - 2010-08-16 by Dave Molter

Soundcraft Ghost console keeps Pete Anderson close to his roots - 2010-08-16 by Dave Molter

Review: Yael’s DVD Takes You On a Lovely Journey - 2010-08-15 by mtebaldi

Zildjian Rarities hitting the stores this month - 2010-08-15 by mtebaldi

Sabian’s Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic Suspended cymbals now available - 2010-08-15 by mtebaldi

AKAI Synthstation 25 Application and Keyboard: A Striking Duo - 2010-08-13 by ShackMan

Ibanez unveils two new Artwood acoustics - 2010-08-13 by Dave Molter

Ibanez introduces TSA series amps with built-in Tube Screamer - 2010-08-13 by Dave Molter

TAMA’s Limited Edition Metalworks Steel Snare Drum - 2010-08-12 by mtebaldi

Apple Unveils new 12 core processor Mac Pro! Your new audio workhorse is here! - 2010-08-12 by ctargia

TAMA’s Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition - 2010-08-11 by mtebaldi

KickPort now available in white - 2010-08-11 by mtebaldi

Gershwins focus of new songbook from Alfred publishing - 2010-08-10 by Dave Molter

SilverFox Percussion Releases Three New Sticks - 2010-08-10 by mtebaldi

Peterson releases clip-on strobe tuner for acoustic instruments - 2010-08-10 by Dave Molter

Yamaha - Inspiration Comes In a Flash: New Motif XF keyboard workstation - 2010-08-09 by ctargia

New Deal from Ableton this month, free instruments! - 2010-08-08 by ctargia

Review: Is Tonerite Everything it Claims or just an Infomercial Style Scam? - 2010-08-06 by ShackMan

Alfred Publishing releases greatest hits of 2000s songbook - 2010-08-06 by Dave Molter

Alfred Publishing releases 2010's greatest rock, country hits songbooks - 2010-08-06 by Dave Molter

LIne 6 invites app developers to tackle its MIDI Mobilizer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - 2010-08-06 by Dave Molter

Pearl’s e-Pro Live in Stores August 6th - 2010-08-05 by mtebaldi

Defeat Gravity with the Zero-G Drumstick Holder - 2010-08-05 by mtebaldi

Review: Claustrophobic EZX Delivers Contemporary Drum Sounds - 2010-08-05 by mtebaldi

Rockstar UPROAR Tour to Support National Charities - 2010-08-04 by ShackMan

Pacific Drums Launch Complete Kit in a Box - 2010-08-04 by mtebaldi

H.E. Audio announces its World Music Contest - 2010-08-04 by ctargia

Alfred Publishing releases Green Day anthology - 2010-08-03 by Dave Molter

Oriolo Guitars’ Nez bass: old cat, new tricks - 2010-08-03 by Dave Molter

Roland V-Drums Competition - 2010-08-03 by ShackMan