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Preview: SR5 Rock Bass Virtual Instrument from Prominy - 2010-07-31 by ctargia

The Loar Releases its new Hand Carved Mandolin LM-300 - 2010-07-30 by ctargia

Be a digital music know it all! - New Training course from DMD. - 2010-07-30 by ctargia

Review: Curt Bisquera Wheels You On A Chill Ride - 2010-07-29 by mtebaldi

ASK Video Announces The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Tutorial DVD - 2010-07-29 by AlexV

Cash Money Records Selects Genelec for Mobile Recording Studio Tour Bus - 2010-07-29 by AlexV

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder Now Available - 2010-07-29 by AlexV

Alfred releases World's Greatest Sheet Music duo - 2010-07-28 by Dave Molter

Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Featured at 2010 Florida Grammy Showcase - 2010-07-28 by ShackMan

Hands-on review: TC Electronic BG500 bass combo - High class bottom from the top down - 2010-07-28 by Dave Molter

EAW® KF740's Power Massive World Cup Rally In South Korea - 2010-07-28 by AlexV

Blue Microphones Announces The en•CORE 300 - 2010-07-28 by AlexV

Empire Brands’ Wicked Audio Introduces their new Chill, Reverb, and Tour headphone line - 2010-07-28 by AlexV

Help Zildjian Create Their New Product Line: The Gen16 - 2010-07-27 by mtebaldi

Shure Saves the Day on James Taylor - Carole King Tour with the KSM313 - 2010-07-27 by AlexV

MXL USB Microphones + ooVoo Video Chat Software = Love! - 2010-07-27 by AlexV

Waves Introduces the Chris Lord-Alge, Jack Joseph Puig, and Eddie Kramer Collections - 2010-07-27 by AlexV

Sheptone releases new P90 humbuckers - 2010-07-27 by Dave Molter

Marshall amps chosen as sponsor for Florida Grammy Showcase - 2010-07-27 by Dave Molter

PRS guitars unveils 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special guitar - 2010-07-26 by Dave Molter

PRS launches new hollowbody electric 12-string - 2010-07-26 by Dave Molter

Mapex Introduces The Horizon Fastpack - 2010-07-26 by mtebaldi

Zach Kamins: Just Beginning to Explore with An Endless Sporadic - 2010-07-25 by ShackMan

Musical Instrument Museum chooses innovative Sennheiser audio tour system - 2010-07-24 by Dave Molter

Fender Villager 12-string returns - 2010-07-24 by Dave Molter

Enter to win a Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special guitar - 2010-07-24 by Dave Molter

Review: DW 3000 Bass Drum Pedal Unites Playability & Affordability - 2010-07-24 by mtebaldi

Jimi Hendrix, George Fullerton to be inducted into Fender Hall of Fame - 2010-07-23 by Dave Molter

Cakewalk Releases Rapture and Dimension Pro Updates for Mac OS & Windows - 2010-07-22 by ctargia

Review: Vic Firth’s Live Wires Brighten Your Kit - 2010-07-22 by mtebaldi

Kala releases U.Bass 2 fretted & fretless uke basses - 2010-07-22 by Dave Molter

Mackie Introduces New Onyx Blackjack and Blackbird Recording Interfaces - 2010-07-21 by AlexV

Zoom’s H1 Handy Recorder Available for Pre-order Now - 2010-07-21 by AlexV

MyStudio Selects SHURE SM27 for it's U.S. Recording Studios - 2010-07-21 by AlexV

Review: Get Devilish With Drum Kit From Hell EZX - 2010-07-21 by mtebaldi

Alfred Expands On Beaten Path Series - 2010-07-20 by mtebaldi

LP Aspire Slide Mount Double Conga Stand - 2010-07-20 by mtebaldi

Rotosound takes its strings on tour in UK, US - 2010-07-20 by Dave Molter

Manson Guitars John Paul Jones Signature bass announced - 2010-07-20 by Dave Molter

Mansons Guitars announces 16th annual guitar show - 2010-07-20 by Dave Molter

Roland Introduces the SuperNATURAL Piano Sound Engine - 2010-07-18 by ShackMan

Ibanez Montage acoustic wins Best in Show award at Summer NAMM 2010 - 2010-07-17 by Dave Molter

Shure Microphones Fuel Pavement Reunion Tour - 2010-07-17 by AlexV

The New LP Top-Tuning Congas - 2010-07-16 by mtebaldi

Preview: TC Electronic's new BG500 bass combos - 2010-07-16 by Dave Molter

LP Celebrates Santana’s Legacy with Exclusive Aspire Model Congas - 2010-07-16 by mtebaldi

Avid Unveils Updated M-Audio Axiom Keyboard Controller Series - 2010-07-16 by ShackMan

Sabian’s Fusion Hats Get Modern And Dark - 2010-07-16 by mtebaldi

Alfred Music Publishing Congratulates 2010 DRUMMIES! Award Winners - 2010-07-16 by Press Release

Cakewalk Announces Availability of Mac Support update for V-Studio 20 - 2010-07-16 by Press Release

SpeedCobra, New Kick Pedal by TAMA - 2010-07-15 by mtebaldi

Tama releases STARPHONIC Limited Edition Snare - 2010-07-15 by mtebaldi

Pierre Erizias: Building the Best Boutique Bass - 2010-07-14 by ShackMan

Roland Introduces the VP-7 Vocal Processor for Keyboardists - 2010-07-14 by ShackMan

Hands on Review: TC Electronic’s Staccato ’51 -- ‘Rocco in Box’ - 2010-07-14 by Dave Molter

An Endless Sporadic's Music Comes to the Roxy Theater - 2010-07-14 by ShackMan

Shure Lends a Hand to Grand Ole Opry and Nashville Artists - 2010-07-14 by AlexV

Planet Waves Updates ProTempo APP - 2010-07-14 by mtebaldi

Review: The Cleverly Designed DW 3500T Hi Hat Stand - 2010-07-14 by mtebaldi

Sticks’n’Skins - Photography Book Of Legendary Drummers - 2010-07-13 by mtebaldi

Review: Go Kinetic With Vic Firth’s 5AKF - 2010-07-13 by mtebaldi

NAMM Log #2: Are Awesome Guitars as Awesome as Tom Says? - 2010-07-12 by ShackMan

Review: In-Depth on Toontrack’s EZdrummer - 2010-07-12 by mtebaldi

Two New Led Zeppelin Transcription Books For Drums - 2010-07-09 by mtebaldi

Chad Wackerman Trio: Hits Live DVD Is Out - 2010-07-09 by mtebaldi

Alfred Music Publishing Releases Songbook to Hit Musical: See What I Wanna See - 2010-07-09 by ctargia

Drummer Omar Hakim Releases New DVD - 2010-07-09 by mtebaldi

TC Electronic PolyTune brings guitar tuning into the 21st century - 2010-07-08 by MattG

Goo Goo Dolls hit the road with Sennheiser and Neumann - 2010-07-08 by AlexV

Review: DW 3300 Snare Stand Stands Out - 2010-07-08 by mtebaldi

Sennheiser Provides Top-Notch Sound to Goodspeed Opera House - 2010-07-08 by AlexV

TASCAM Launches DR-2d Portable Recorder - 2010-07-07 by AlexV

Metallica's Trujillo buys Jaco's 'Bass of Doom' - 2010-07-07 by Dave Molter

Fender introduces high-powered bass combo, the TB-600C - 2010-07-07 by Dave Molter

SSL Teams with iPhone to Revolutionize the X-Patch Controller - 2010-07-07 by ShackMan

Cloud Microphones Introduces the Cloudlifter - 2010-07-06 by AlexV

Announcing the MXL USB-77: Classic, Deco-Era Design - 2010-07-06 by AlexV

Enter to win a TC Eelctronic Nova Repeater delay - 2010-07-06 by Dave Molter

Review: Pink Is The New Black For Vic Firth’s 5A - 2010-07-06 by mtebaldi

Rotosound endorsees to host master class in UK - 2010-07-05 by Dave Molter

Green Day TAB anthology released - 2010-07-05 by Dave Molter

Drummer Kenny Aronoff Added To Ultrasone’s Artist Roaster - 2010-07-05 by mtebaldi

Alesis Introduces the MultiMix 8 USB FX - 2010-07-05 by AlexV

Alfred Publishing releases Beginner's Guide to Guitar - 2010-07-04 by Dave Molter

Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum Power Amp - 2010-07-03 by MattG

Waves Audio Introduces YourWaves: Bundle Customization - 2010-07-03 by AlexV

Live Sound/PA Buying Guide - 2010-07-03 by PA_Gear

Yael: The Love Project Journey DVD By DW Drums Is Out - 2010-07-03 by mtebaldi

JoeCo Introduces the BlackBox Recorder - 2010-07-03 by AlexV

NAMM Log #1:Reviews Have Power, and Manufacturers are Listening - 2010-07-02 by ShackMan

Alfred Publishing release Billboard No. 1 Hits of the '70s - 2010-07-02 by Dave Molter

Primacoustic releases IsoTools studio solutions - 2010-07-02 by Dave Molter

Korg extends $9.99 price for iElectribe iPad app to July 31, 2010 - 2010-07-02 by Dave Molter

Waves Audio's Studio Devil available for download - 2010-07-02 by Dave Molter

Shure Dominates the 2010 CMA Music Festival and CMA Awards - 2010-07-02 by AlexV

Cloud Microphones Introduces The JRS-34-P Passive Ribbon Microphone - 2010-07-02 by AlexV

Recording Gear Buying Guide - 2010-07-02 by Recording_Gear

New DW Drums DVD with Curt Bisquera - 2010-07-02 by mtebaldi

Miktek Introduces the MPA-201 Dual Channel Microphone Preamplifier - 2010-07-02 by AlexV

Review: C.F. Martin & Co. Performing Artist Series GPCPA1 - 2010-07-01 by Matt Griffith