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Tech 21 introduces revamped SansAmp VT Bass effect - 2010-01-31 by Dave Molter

Ampeg launches Heritage Series SVT bass amps - 2010-01-31 by Dave Molter

Casio Celebrates its 30th Anniversary! - 2010-01-31 by ShackMan

Cakewalk introduces new products for 2010 - 2010-01-30 by Dave Molter

Rotosound issues "Double Deckers" 2-pack guitar strings - 2010-01-30 by Dave Molter

Let 'er rip! Tech 21 unveils Red Ripper bass fuzz - 2010-01-30 by Dave Molter

Sansamp adds three new pedals to guitar Character Series - 2010-01-30 by Dave Molter

Mesa Boogie introduces M3 Carbine bass amps - 2010-01-28 by Dave Molter

A biker amp? Budda introduces leather-covered guitar head & cab - 2010-01-27 by Dave Molter

Ibanez offer retro-style JetKing bass - 2010-01-27 by Dave Molter

BOSS ME-25 - 2010-01-27 by MattG

Dreambow Guitars Now Available in the U.S. - 2010-01-26 by Chris

Marshall shows affordable, entry-level combo amp - 2010-01-25 by Dave Molter

DigiTech releases two new JamMan looper pedals - 2010-01-25 by Dave Molter

Yamaha offers new SuperBB bass line - 2010-01-25 by Dave Molter

Yamaha FSX720 and FSX730 - 2010-01-25 by MattG

Steve Miller's Third Signature Martin - 2010-01-24 by MattG

Marshall premieres MA Series guitar amps - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Ibanez announces Gerald Veasley 6 signature bass - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Roland debuts battery powered stereo acoustic guitar amp - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Zoom introduces guitar effects box with USB interface - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Zoom revamps G2 guitar multieffects pedal - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Aloha! Kala unveils the Ubass bass ukulele - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Yamaha introduces revamped CG classical guitars - 2010-01-23 by Dave Molter

Free is Cool: Roland Updates the V-Piano with New Sounds - 2010-01-23 by ShackMan

Marshall's New JMD:1 Amp Combines Tube & Solid State - 2010-01-22 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic announces ComboStaccato bass amp developed with Francis Prestia - 2010-01-22 by Dave Molter

65 Amps Introduces the Tupelo 20-Watt 6V6 Guitar Amp - 2010-01-22 by ShackMan

Guitar Scale Magnets offers inventive way to learn scales - 2010-01-22 by Dave Molter

Ibanez offers two new Steve Vai electric guitars - 2010-01-21 by Dave Molter

Cakewalk Partners with Roland for New Keyboard MIDI Controller - 2010-01-21 by ShackMan

A flood of new Ibanez basses announced at Winter NAMM 2010 - 2010-01-20 by Dave Molter

LX Jimmy Buffet - 2010-01-20 by MattG

Cakewalk® Announces FA-66 FireWire Audio Interface - 2010-01-20 by ShackMan

Martin "Origins" Guitar - 2010-01-20 by MattG

Zenhiser Unleashes New Techno Drum Sample Packs - 2010-01-20 by ShackMan

Regal Tip expands X-Series stick line - 2010-01-20 by Dave Molter

Hartke adds new cab to HyDrive bass line - 2010-01-20 by Dave Molter

Peavey aims for the metal market with two new basses - 2010-01-19 by Dave Molter

Korg debuts wireless instrument tuners - 2010-01-19 by Dave Molter

Korg debuts handheld recorder with unlimited track capability - 2010-01-19 by Dave Molter

Peavey introduces mid-priced, 600-watt Headliner bass amp - 2010-01-19 by Dave Molter

Martins Stab at Entry Level Ukuleles - 2010-01-19 by MattG

Vox updates its guitar line - 2010-01-18 by Dave Molter

New Warlock 4 & 5 basses from BC Rich - 2010-01-18 by Dave Molter

Korg Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer debuts - 2010-01-18 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic introduces ComboClassic bass amp - 2010-01-18 by Dave Molter

French guitar maker LAG begins distribution in US - 2010-01-18 by Dave Molter

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Proudly Welcomes Renowned Actress, Nicole Eggert! - 2010-01-18 by Chris

Vox updates AC30 and AC15 guitar amps - 2010-01-17 by Dave Molter

Jorma Kaukonen M-30 Signature - 2010-01-17 by MattG

Gator offers powered pedal board for under $100 - 2010-01-17 by Dave Molter

Vox introduces new AGA70 acoustic guitar amplifier - 2010-01-16 by Dave Molter

BC Rich announces new Eagle Bass One - 2010-01-16 by Dave Molter

Marshall releases Dave Mustaine Megastack miniamp - 2010-01-16 by Dave Molter

Two new miniamps from Marshall - 2010-01-16 by Dave Molter

Serj Tankian Signature T5 Makes Its Appearance - 2010-01-16 by Chris

New Jason Mraz Signature Taylor Guitar - 2010-01-16 by Chris

Cort to release affordable Gene Simmons Axe Bass - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Boss premieres ME-25 multi-effects unit for guitar - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Boss introduces new TU-3 tuner - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Roland announces "SuperNATURAL" digital pianos - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

TC Electronic introduces PolyTune polyphonic tuner - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Hercules unveils DJ Console Mk4 - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Vox introduces Pathfinder 10 bass amp - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

Vox introduces AC30VR and AC15 VR guitar amps - 2010-01-15 by Dave Molter

An OMG! moment from Ernie Ball Music Man: Classic SR Bass - 2010-01-14 by Dave Molter

A new approach to old-school bass sounds from 65amps - 2010-01-12 by Dave Molter

A boy and his amp: Big Elvis digs the 'Lil Elvis' - 2010-01-12 by Dave Molter

Digitech Announces Vocalist Live 3 Harmonizer - 2010-01-12 by ShackMan

Paul Reed Smith introduces SE Torero electric guitar - 2010-01-12 by Dave Molter

ESP LTD Series Electrics to Debut at NAMM - 2010-01-11 by Dave Molter

Squier introduces Classic Vibe Telecaster, Bullet Strat - 2010-01-11 by Dave Molter

Drums Buying Guide - 2010-01-11 by Drums_Percussion

Jason Mraz, Manį, Night Ranger, Steven Curtis Chapman and Love and Theft to Perform on the Taylor Guitars Stage at Winter NAMM - 2010-01-11 by Chris


Buddy Blaze Ignites NAMM with New Guitar Models - 2010-01-09 by Chris

Reverend to Debut Six Gun Guitar at NAMM - 2010-01-06 by Dave Molter

Fender Introduces 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass - 2010-01-05 by Dave Molter

Fender Introduces Passport PRO and Executive PA Systems - 2010-01-05 by Dave Molter

Five New Rumble Bass Amps from Fender - 2010-01-05 by Dave Molter

Fender Debuts New Stratocaster and Telecaster Models - 2010-01-05 by Dave Molter

Fender Introduces Two New G-DEC 3 Amplifiers - 2010-01-05 by Dave Molter

Preview: The Fender Telecaster Handbook - 2010-01-04 by Chris



Spector Announces Forte USA Basses - 2010-01-03 by Dave Molter

Pro-Mark Announces New Autograph Signature Sticks - 2010-01-02 by Dave Molter

Dean Guitars Planning New Bass with Ties to Shinedown - 2010-01-02 by Dave Molter

Software & Educational Programs Buying Guide - 2010-01-01 by Software_Educational