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Hands-on review: American Special Stratocaster HSS - an affordable American icon - 2011-01-31 by John Gorbe

Hands-on review: James Romeyn's PrimeVibe seeks the ToneRite title - 2011-01-31 by ShackMan

Sonor introduces 4 new drum kit series - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Aquarian introduces acoustic/electronic drum triggering with inHEAD - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Alfred and Marko Djordjevic release drum book “The New Frontier for Drumset” - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Vater releases many new products and website - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

New company Crush Drums unveils its products at NAMM - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Gibraltar unveils innovative new products - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Gretsch Drums releases new snares - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Remo releases Powerstroke Pro - 2011-01-29 by mtebaldi

Korg MicroPiano gets small and stylish - 2011-01-28 by ShackMan

PRS launches new SE line - 2011-01-26 by John Gorbe

PRS teams up with Van Damme Cabling - 2011-01-26 by John Gorbe

Zap!:Dweezil designs mandolin-inspired guitar for PRS - 2011-01-25 by John Gorbe

PRS unveils new amps with curly maple panels for 2011 - 2011-01-25 by John Gorbe

PRS adds to its Acoustic Private Stock line - 2011-01-25 by John Gorbe

Ummmm .. Creamy! Win a chance to meet Clapton in London - 2011-01-25 by Dave Molter

Roland RD-300NX vs. RD-700NX: Smaller Dog, Different Tricks - 2011-01-24 by ShackMan

C.F. Martin revives Road Series, adds new CEO edition - 2011-01-24 by John Gorbe

New PRS models receive new finish, pickups, bridge, tuners and neck shapes - 2011-01-24 by John Gorbe

Roland's Atelier AT-350C: bringing together organ and portable - 2011-01-24 by ShackMan

PRS: fresh look for 2011 - 2011-01-24 by John Gorbe

Ibanez offers Talman acoustic/electric uke - 2011-01-23 by Dave Molter

Roland Aims for Perfection with the Newest V-Piano Grand - 2011-01-23 by ShackMan

The V-Accordion goes diatonic in Roland's FR-18 - 2011-01-23 by ShackMan

Ibanez expands ATK bass series with addition of double humbucker - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Sorry, bassists: Ibanez "Big Bottom" pedal isn't for you - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Ibanez expands AFS guitar line with two models for Rockabilly players - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Alesis introduces two DM8 Electronic Kits - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Alesis announces DMPhones and DM10s get a new rack - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Alesis adds two new multi-drum pads to their catalog - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Pearl Drums unveils an array of new products for 2011 - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Ddrum new drum kits and hardware for 2011 - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Ddrum releases new drum module and snares - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Ibanez introduces new Steve Vai acoustic models - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Paiste comes out with three new cymbal collections - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Ibanez Artwood acoustics get a facelift - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Vic Firth starts the year with new products and partner - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Yamaha announced two new drum sets and Recording Custom Series reissue at NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

New cymbals, drumsticks and accessories from Zildjian - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Ibanez releases three Soundwave bass amps - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Ibanez announces new RG Premium series guitars for 2011 - 2011-01-22 by Dave Molter

Interview: Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals; craftsmanship & innovation - 2011-01-22 by mtebaldi

Martin releases new Performing Artist Series acoustic/electrics - 2011-01-21 by John Gorbe

TC Electronic snags two TEC Awards at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-21 by Dave Molter

Ibanez Grooveline basses head new field for 2011 - 2011-01-21 by Dave Molter

Roland BK-7m Band-in-a-Box backing module - 2011-01-20 by ShackMan

Roland's VIMA JM-5: glorified karaoke, or entertainment powerhouse? - 2011-01-20 by ShackMan

Akai's RPM3 monitors record sound, play sound, and travel ,too - 2011-01-20 by ShackMan

Martin's new Leonardo da Vinci model: one in 1.5 million - 2011-01-18 by John Gorbe

Alesis MultiMix 16 USB: smaller, more versatile, energy-efficient - 2011-01-18 by ShackMan

Roland's three newest USB interfaces: UM-ONE, Duo-, and Tri-Capture - 2011-01-18 by ShackMan

Quadrophenia? Korg introduces Kaoss Pad Quad effects controller - 2011-01-17 by Dave Molter

Korg offers free Audiogate file conversion software - 2011-01-17 by Dave Molter

Lakland expands its USA-made line with four new basses - 2011-01-17 by Dave Molter

Jackson Guitars unveils custom shop Chris Broderick model - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Zoom announces Dave Mustaine signature effects pedal - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Audio-Technica mics chosen for Pittsburgh's new Club AE - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Audio-Tecnica announces two-bay recharging station, stereo condenser mic - 2011-01-16 by

Audio-Technica announces BP893 MicroEarset condenser headworn microphone - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

WAVES Audio anniounces new, lower price structure - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Waves Audio announces modeld plugin of Aphex Aural exciter - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

A new multiband compressor from Waves Audio - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Blue Microphones announces the Reactor - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Rock Prodigy iPhone app helps you learn guitar on the go - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Roland releases new GR-55 guitar synth - 2011-01-16 by Dave Molter

Numark's Simplest Solutions: The M101USB and M101 Mixers - 2011-01-16 by ShackMan

Numark releases DJay controller: the iDJ Live - 2011-01-16 by ShackMan

AHEAD Drumsticks invites drummers to try theirenviro-friendly drumsticks - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

AHEAD introduces Armor Drum Cases - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Cymbag releases drum set Pre-Pack - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

CymPad introduces special Ride Cymbal Optimizer - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Alesis simplifies connecting guitar and computer: the one-cable GuitarLink - 2011-01-16 by ShackMan

New model and colors for KickPort are released - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Zildjian’s Gen16 releases Acoustic Electric Cymbal - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Roland improves V-Tour & V-Compact Series - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Sabian releases OMNI and new China cymbals - 2011-01-16 by mtebaldi

Alesis' surprisingly portable QX49 Keyboard Controller - 2011-01-16 by ShackMan

The Alesis iO4: 24 bits in an Inexpensive Box - 2011-01-16 by ShackMan

Numarks portable pair: DJ 2 Go and Red Wave headphones - 2011-01-15 by ShackMan

Numark expands DJ gear with NPM100 monitors - 2011-01-15 by ShackMan

Numark announces iM1 and iM9 iPhone/iPod-controlled mixers - 2011-01-15 by ShackMan

Roland updates Cube bass amp series with three XL models - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

Zoom unveils R8 multitrack recorder/workstation - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

Blackstar adds HT-1 all-tube head, combos to guitar amp line - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

Blackstar expands S1 guitar amp series with three heads, cabs - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

HK Audio releases Elements modular sound system for 1st time in US - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

Zoom launches G3 guitar effects/amp simulator pedal at Winter NAMM - 2011-01-15 by Dave Molter

Taylor introduces new Doyle Dykes signature model - 2011-01-14 by John Gorbe

Numark's CDN77USB: A Toy for the Digital DJ - 2011-01-14 by ShackMan

Something bassists will flip for: Two new Ashdown "fliptop" combos - 2011-01-13 by Dave Molter

Hands-on review: Takamine ETN40C acoustic/electric guitar - solid cedar beauty - 2011-01-13 by John Gorbe

Ernie Ball announces The Game Changer tone system for Music Man instruments - 2011-01-13 by Dave Molter

Music Man JPXI guitar will debut at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-13 by Dave Molter

Evans releases 2 new marching heads at NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-13 by mtebaldi

Pro-Mark introduces new backpack and new stick bag - 2011-01-13 by mtebaldi

Pro-Mark launches three new effect sticks and new stick rapp - 2011-01-13 by mtebaldi

Sennheiser presents large-diaphragm condenser MK4 at NAMM - 2011-01-13 by Dave Molter

Gretsch rolls out limited edition George Harrison Tribute Duo Jet - 2011-01-13 by Dave Molter

Casio unveils CTK and WK workstation keyboards - 2011-01-13 by ShackMan

Planet Waves Release New Set of Beatles-Themed Straps - 2011-01-12 by ShackMan

Planet Waves Announce New Slide and Straps for NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-12 by ShackMan

Planet Waves Introduces the Revolutionary D-Slyde Glass Slide - 2011-01-12 by ShackMan

eMedia Releases New Bass Method Version 2.0 - 2011-01-12 by ShackMan

Hudson Music releases Wicked Beats - 2011-01-12 by mtebaldi

Introducing Drums on Demand: downloadable drum tracks for everyone - 2011-01-12 by mtebaldi

Pro-Mark releases new model and two new lines of mallets - 2011-01-12 by mtebaldi

Pro-Mark adds four new drumstick models to their catalogue - 2011-01-12 by mtebaldi

Dean to unveil John Entwistle sig basses at NAMM - 2011-01-11 by Dave Molter

Bret Michaels signature Dean electric & acoustic guitars to roll out at NAMM - 2011-01-11 by Dave Molter

Orange to release TH100 guitar head at NAMM - 2011-01-11 by Dave Molter

Genz Benz to unveil two new bass heads at Winter NAMM - 2011-01-11 by Dave Molter

Epiphone announces return of Nighthawk Custom series solidbody - 2011-01-11 by Dave Molter

MEINL Releases 75 New Products for 2011 - 2011-01-10 by mtebaldi

Guild announces New Standard Series Acoustic-Electrics and a new Guild Special Run - 2011-01-10 by mtebaldi

Fender upgrades CA-360SCE Auditorium, CJ-290SCE Jumbo Maple & CD-220SCE - 2011-01-10 by mtebaldi

Fender Acoustics improves CD-60, CD-60CE, CD-110CE and CD-160SE 12-String - 2011-01-10 by mtebaldi

Fender's CD-100, CD-100CE, CD-140S, CD-140SCE, CD-280S and CD-280SCE feature new upgrades - 2011-01-10 by mtebaldi

New at NAMM:TC Electronic will unleash powerhouse Blacksmith bass amp at Winter NAMM - 2011-01-10 by Dave Molter

Sennheiser 's new CXC 700 ear-canal phones with NoiseGard promise digital noise canceling - 2011-01-10 by Dave Molter

Review: Gilli Moon's Just Get Out There - 2011-01-10 by ShackMan

eMedia Releases 3 New Instructional DVDs in the Licks You Must Know Line - 2011-01-10 by ShackMan

Fender releases two new Mustang combo amps, Mustang head and 412 cab - 2011-01-09 by Dave Molter

Fender announces new Rumble series bass heads, cabs - 2011-01-09 by Dave Molter

Fender Custom Shop announces new guitar models for 2011 - 2011-01-09 by Dave Molter

Fender introduces Road Worn Strats, Tele and Wayne Kramer Strat - 2011-01-09 by Dave Molter

Squier announces new Vintage Modified Series Jaguar HH , Jazzmaster guitars - 2011-01-09 by Dave Molter

Fender announces 60th Anniversary Precision Bass - 2011-01-08 by Dave Molter

Fender offers new Mark Hoppus Jazz Bass - 2011-01-08 by Dave Molter

Jackson unveils custom shop Dave Ellefson signature bass - 2011-01-08 by Dave Molter

Fender announces 60th Anniversay Telecaster - 2011-01-08 by Dave Molter

Daring Audio to debut bass effects at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

Orange will roll out two new Terror bass combos at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

Orange Amps will debut DIVO tube technology at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon rolls out new VoiceJam app - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon announces four new effects pedals for vocalists - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon announces modern performance vocal microphones - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

TC-Helicon releases VoiceTone Correct XT pedal for singers - 2011-01-07 by Dave Molter

Squier unveils three new bass models for 2011 - 2011-01-06 by Dave Molter

NAMM 2011 News: TC Electronic's Colorful Coloring TonePrint Pedals - 2011-01-06 by ShackMan

In-depth review: Two excellent distortion pedals from SourceAudio - 2011-01-03 by Matt Griffith

Aguilar set to debut Tone Hammer 500 lightweight bass amp at Winter NAMM 2011 - 2011-01-03 by Dave Molter

Get Great Deals & Service With American Musical Supply - 2011-01-01 by MusicGearReview.com